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View unanswered posts View active topics. Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 18 guests. It is currently Mon Apr 16, 7: Tue Oct 30, 7: Tue Oct 30, 8: We have recently converted two pre 86 's to 16 valve power. One received a S2 engine, the other a member of this forum we converted to a powerplant.

The pre cars are harder to convert than the 944 engine swap options trading hours cars, as the car wiring is less compatible. But, for our two customers concerned, the lighter weight of the pre cars was the reason for choosing an early car. With the conversion you will need to use a combination of S2, and your current lux parts to complete the job, as well as being very familiar with the and electrics and ECU. The way we do it is to rewire the S2 or Loom to be compatible with the 8v car side loom, so the whole thing is plug and play.

This is especially important to make sure anyone can work on the car in the future without having to provide all new wiring diagrams for each car for a future owner, specialist or auto electrician to be able to support the car and know what they are looking at. The custom made parts are limited to just a few items to make everything work, and they are non perishable parts so should last forever. In conclusion, it is not a walk in the park, we typically spend about 3 days on the conversion, so it is a bit to involved to produce a step by step guide, however the way we do it, it looks like Porsche originally put the engine in there, even if someone starts inspecting the electrics.

The one I think we 944 engine swap options trading hours for two weeks, but that included performing a service rebuild on the 944 engine swap options trading hours going in, so every gasket, belt, tensioner, roller, seal and pump was all new as well as other work to the car.

The result is a car which is about kg lighter than ahas lower gearing than a and produces more power even before chipping than a no cat and a free flowing induction kit mounted next to the passenger side headlight In short, even without a chip, the car is much faster and nimble than a If you are interested, maybe we can do a deal on some shell prep work?

Nick, over the course of the next year I might need a couple shell preps on cars, one is a dedicated race car, so we will need a priority of weight as well as safety, the other will be a need for a shell prep on a special turbo which will be an occasional track car, but mostly a piece of history. We will talk nearer the time, might be worth us getting together at some point for a chat.

The engine conversion is more of a pain than the S2 one, but the benefits are an instant hike in performance which is really worthwhile.

As strange as it may sound, it is really worth doing to an earlier car, the weight gains are hard to ignore and as you already know, weight loss on any car is more than just a faster car, it means the car stops quicker and goes round corners quicker as well. Put that together with what you can do to improve these areas anyway and you end up will a ballistic machine.

Tue Oct 30, 9: Weird as it might seem, in the 25 years I have been in the Porsche business, and the 20 years before 944 engine swap options trading hours my father was in the same business, it has never seemed right that we are quieter in the summer than the winter.

Especially the run up to christmas becomes manic. You would think that a Porsche specialist would be busier in the summer with so many of the cars being used more often, however winter and spring is always busier than summer. Having said that, we have never been in a position of having nothing to do. Thu Nov 01, My thoughts when I had my was starting to lean 944 engine swap options trading hours the Jaguar version of the 3l duratec V6 as a transplant.

Apparently has some Porsche development in it according to Wiki. 944 engine swap options trading hours Nov 03, 3: Sat Nov 03, 4: Sat Nov 03, 5: 944 engine swap options trading hours by Advertisement Management.

Page 1 of 2. Previous topic Next topic. You're much better off working for yourself, the big boys show you the door as soon as things get slow. The plumbing is slightly different but could be sorted, S2 runs twin fans on a different rad. Intake system would need adapting, cone filter? I think front end needs S2 flexis but mine were knackered so got replaced anyway.

Rear needs new short hardlines. Display posts from previous: You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.

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Welcome to Transformations, where the wonder of the Porsche sports car is transformed from an awesome aging platform to a modern, fun to drive, cost effective super sports car. For those that love the and share the passion of the most balanced sport car platform ever built, Transformations offers a solution to the difficult task of balancing the enjoyment of the with the cost to maintain it.

At Transformations, our vision is to bring the platform up to the modern high performance sports car it once was and to offer the ability to evolve it to the 21st century road machine it can be. We give you choices on what you want your to be. At Transformations, our engine transplant solutions replace the expensive options of the engine and clutch repairs.

These alone can cost thousands of dollars each. The Transformation Transplant is the first level of transformational service, transplanting the engine. When evaluating the platform, the performance and costs are significantly driven pun intended by the engine. Yes, this is a beautiful engineered marvel that even today wows you as you open the hood and admire the precise German engineering. Click on the link to Transplant to get more information on this service.

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