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London is something like the navel of the financial world. In London, the first European banks were founded and London had already a stock exchange early. To this day, that which is traded on the market place in London is a secure indicator for successful businesses. Even trading with binary options plays an important role on the stock exchanges in London and one of the brokers from the English capital city is 99binary; a broker which is set up abroad.

Even if Anguilla geographically belongs to the small island of Antilles, politically, the island is part of Great Britain and from a legal point of view, this makes the trade safe for traders.

What makes 99binary a good and advisable broker? There are several aspects which suggest for English brokers. The list of preferences ranges from a very good trading platform with a variety of tradable products, to a good customer service. If there are new functions, the customers will be informed about the personal account manager immediately. In addition, with 99binary there is still the hyper, a very short trade within 30 or 60 seconds and traders who do not have a lot of practice yet, with 99binary they can also trade within two, five or ten minutes; a service which only a few brokers have on offer.

Whoever enters receives a bonus of percent. Nevertheless, limited actions are also offered from time to time. Every broker is also measured according to what he has to offer to trading instruments. A broker with a wide choice is for most traders more interesting than the broker whose choice rather keeps within modest limits. What is it like with 99binary? Can the broker offer something to his customers? The platform is completely web-based and functions via on the HTML5 base.

There is also a mobile version which is for all interesting traders who would like to trade with binary options whilst being on the move. So that everything functions smoothly, 99binary has its own technicians who maintain the platform and its functions.

With the inside view trade, 99binary also provides a novelty, since with this additional tool, the broker gives traders the opportunity to look into the order book. With 99binary, 33 shares, 15 Forex pairs, seven commodities and 28 different indices can be dealt in, where especially the Dow Jones, the Nikkei and the German stock index DAX count among them.

It is also interesting that if a trader has made losses, 99binary provides a repayment, which is between three and ten percent. Besides the many advantages, 99binary also has a disadvantage since the broker does not provide his traders with a demo account for practice and anyone who logs on with 99binary can only open a live account. However, a demo account is not necessarily required since the software which is provided by 99binary allows a good overview of the several tools and options.

As already mentioned, the employees of the broker are available for their customers 24 hours a day and seven days of the week, in several languages. Those who have questions can ask them per telephone, mail or even by a live chat.

For traders from Germany there is the possibility of calling a Berlin calling number. A particular service is presented by the account manager who supports inexperienced traders in the trade and stands by their side with advices, tips and tricks.

Furthermore, 99binary offers extensive opportunities for further education. Among other things, there is a detailed introduction into the world of binary options, an overview of the current market and 99binary also deals with the theme of psychology. Risk and money management are highlighted and help is given if it is about the individual trading style.

Besides the classical tools, there are also additional tools like early closure, double up and rollover and also, the wide range of several types of trade, leaves nothing to be desired. The broker from London is serious and takes the worries of his traders seriously.

All in all, 99binary is a broker which is only to be recommended. E-Mail, Live Chat, Hotline. What trading instruments does 99binary offer? Banking with 99binary Besides the many advantages, 99binary also has a disadvantage since the broker does not provide his traders with a demo account for practice and anyone who logs on with 99binary can only open a live account.

The customer service with 99binary As already mentioned, the employees of the broker are available for their customers 24 hours a day and seven days of the week, in several languages. Binary Options Pros and Cons. How do I find a good binary options broker? The conclusion on 99binary 99binary is set to be first-class and offers almost everything which makes up the world of binary options.