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This email address already in use. Maybe you already have an account? It's important you read about Common Pitfalls of AutoTrading. AutoTrading lets you choose any strategy on this Web site and have its trades placed automatically in your real-life brokerage account. You can AutoTrade as many trading strategies as you like in one brokerage account — even if the strategies trade the same things, and even if the strategies trade in opposite directions! You can close positions early to take a profit, or to stop a loss.

See a trade you like? Or decrease the size of trades you don't like. If you've been around computers and the Internet for any length of time, you know that "bad stuff happens. They come back up.

We aren't autotrade options brokers by "bad stuff"; we expect it. And we've designed AutoTrade to overcome it. Our advanced Autotrade options brokers technology is constantly monitoring your real-life brokerage account, and comparing it to what you should have in the account, based on your instructions and the trading strategies trade record. We will adjust your account automatically to make sure you stay in sync with your chosen strategies.

Which means that even if something unexpected happens, you can expect that AutoSync will take care of you. Our servers will automatically place a stop loss order for each position opened by your trading strategy, at whatever dollar amount you autotrade options brokers.

This happens regardless of whether the trading-strategy uses its own stop losses. Stop Loss orders may not limit your losses in all market conditions. If you autotrade options brokers press a button, you can set up AutoTrading. Just surf around this Web site. When you find a autotrade options brokers you like, press the Autotrade options brokers button.

Log in Sign up. Open the menu Navigate to any feature by tapping this menu Turn your phone to landscape mode to better visualize charts and values Close.

Enter a name for your Watch List. Watch List name must be less than 60 characters. You have reached the maximum number of custom Watch Lists. Autotrade options brokers have reached the maximum number of strategies in this Watch List. Strategy added to Watch List. Go to Watch List. Sim is unavailable for this strategy, because you've recently "Simmed" it.

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Autotrade is where , once it is set up, you can have your account traded for you, automatically. Of course you have to be a member of SimonSaysOptions and you have to have a funded account with the broker. Automated options trading is a direct agreement between you and your broker — not between you and SimonSaysOptions. If you sign up for autotrading, SimonSaysOptions will, to the best of our ability, send a email with trade suggestion to your broker at the same time that it is sent to all subscribers.

At that point, your broker will place any suggestions on your behalf based on your agreement with your broker. If for any reason we are unable to send out an email to your broker, your broker will not execute the suggestion on your behalf. There is no guarantee that you will get filled.

We do try to keep track and try to make sure everyone gets filled but neither SimonSaysOptions or the brokers can guarantee this. You are still responsible for checking your account to see if the trade went through. Keep in mind that you can stop autotrade whenever you want, and at no time does SimonSaysOptions have any control over your money. In fact autotrade is a free feature from us because members who autotrade stay as members much longer than average. Interactive Brokers through Global Autotrading.

If your preferred broker is not listed here, please email them and tell them you would like to autotrade with SimonSaysOptions and have them contact us. In simple words, your broker will execute our trades for you, in your account. We have no control over your account, no access to your money or any personal information.

Option Trading Service This is great for people who work during the day and cannot access their computers. Currently we are autotrading with the following brokers: Interactive Brokers through Global Autotrading 5. Halifax America If your preferred broker is not listed here, please email them and tell them you would like to autotrade with SimonSaysOptions and have them contact us.

Have a funded account at any broker listed above. Call the broker and ask for the autotrade desk and tell them you want to autotrade SimonSaysOptions. Fill out the proper paperwork with the broker and choose how to have your money allocated per trade. Once they verify with us that you are a member you are all set.

You will still get the trade emails, but the broker will take care of the trading for you.