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Show under each result: Max items per page. I attempted to locate a log file, and couldn't find one. A log file get created, but no messages result. Also, the warning level resets to zero each time VLC opens, and the verbosity setting of the log file doesn't seem to make any effect.

Here is a report from the time that it crashed: When using VLC to play a video, the video plays properly all the way through, but at the end of the video, when in full screen mode, the VLC app freezes up, and turns into a standard Windows Shell window with white contents and shows Not Responding in the title bar. Since Aegisub doesn't expect the file to be locked, it doesn't tell me I've failed to save, and I wound up losing a decent chunk of work this morning.

I reported the issue to the Aegisub people, who suggested I also bring it to the VLC team's attention. I'm not sure if this intended behavior or not. Everytime I entered this link below on my playlist, VLC locked up.

I was unable to get this link to work at all, however most of youtube links worked fine. It prints all plugins successfully and therefore it should exit with code 0. This causes the Ubuntu daily build to fail. However, after a few minutes or so, the VLC command window does in fact close. The only option at this point is to restart the system, since I am not aware of any method to release the TV tuner device from being in use.

Please note that this problem doesn't arise when I use the gui, it only occurs on the command line. Immediately closes after flash on screen. Deleting config file removes this preference and then it will start. Mac OS X Audio is playing, but video is not visible. Even the Shift-Cmd-C shortcut fails used to work, even if VLC should still have been launching in video playback mode. Playlist" button and click it to make the playlist go away.

I have a new Motorola G4 Smartphone running Android version 7. I can record and play back the videos on the device just fine. Interestingly, the audio portion of the file does plays, but, not the video portion. The video freezes on the first frame while the audio continues to play. I have transferred the same MP4 files to another Android device and the videos play just fine. I can make one of the MP4 file in question available for examination if necessary.

Revert build path inside project and after building VLC. The bootstrap file isn't found. Even after it has transcoded the whole input media, it shows 'main input debug: My app uses VLCKit as its media player.

With any alpha version past 3. You cannot skip back or start playback in any way after this happens. I cannot gether any logs, as there is no actual crash. You will experience the infitnite loading wheel.

This occurs every single time you try to skip around. It happens when playing Movies and TV Shows. I attempted quite a few and they all turned out the same result. As I said before, this happens on tvOS 9 and 10 and has been happening on every alpha after a On opening the file, VLC will play it, but still show the playlist and not the video.

The window does resize to the video's resolution, and sound works fine. If VLC is playing a file, and the transcoded file is opened, then playback will start from the beginning and the video will play fine.

I get the same result transcoding other files to this format, too. Here is the transcoded file: Pastebin of VLC opening and playing the transcoded video but not showing the video: Pastebin where the transcoded video is played by interrupting the original: Pastebin of console output from VLCKit inside my program: I wait a few minutes after my program stops using CPU time to be sure.

I have Mac OS Compiled as a static framework, Using the SimplePlayback? So far I found a clue about that issue: Here are the steps:. Looks like there occurs some kind of deadlock here relating to semaphores. I tried to compile VLCKit 3. And the error is not raised anymore, however a new error is reported when the compilation process finished and the libraries are copied. It seems that even when lua is disabled the build script is trying to copy the lua binary in the install process.

After transcoding has finished, play back the file use quicktime or whatever for the sake of testing. It will contain the video in the selected destination format and everything is okay.

The transcoded video will all of the sudden be destroyed and you're left with a file that's empty except for the following incomplete byte header: I'm running VLC 1. I'm also running emacs My problem is as follows: If both VLC and emacs are running, then I can no longer access the menues of emacs: Clicking the menu makes it turn blue as usualbut no menu items appear. Closing VLC resolves the problem. VLC starts to play it, but soon consumes a huge amount of memory VLC never finishes playing, system slows down and finally vlc is automatically killed by oom-killer out of memory.

Banshee is able to play this file normally 1. My macbook is running on OS X Yosemite version I first noticed that VLC was opening multiple windows of the video I needed to watch for class. I tried closing one of the windows and they all shut down. This happens every time I open the video. I then tried to skip through the parts of the video I already listened to and VLC just shuts down. This has happened multiple times. So I decided to leave it alone and come back to it 10 minutes late and it asks if I wanted to continue watching where I left off.

I said yes and it shut down again and this time and I couldn't even open the video. I uninstalled it and reinstalled and the same thing keeps happening. Multiple windows, does not let me skip through parts, etc. I really need this video player for class. If there's anything in my part that I am doing wrong, I would appreciate it.

It happens often with the nightly build newest versionthat it keeps open and cant be closed via the Quit options in vlc or via systray. This mostly happens when watching a network stream and the connection was somehow interrupted for example ISP problems, lag, packet loss and so on. Pressing the Quit options does nothing. The only way to close VLC is via the task manager and kill the process. Whenever I watch a show and put on subtitle, the video turns into pixels then the subtitle disappears and I have to stop and play again.

As of now, I can't watch anything because the pixels keep on appearing. Creates artefacts due to restart on non keyframe. If unseekable, there should not be buffered data changes. VLC keeps crashing whenever I try to use the "convert" feature. I've done everything from resetting to re-installing.

Could someone help me please? I need to post tutorials to my class using this. I think it is version 2. Another VLC instance uses that http output for its input and just saves everything to a file.

It just stopped working. Here is the output log:. I was hoping that "vlc:

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