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We have applied all of the core changes in 3. For most use cases, Mule ESB 3. Transaction contexts are not propagated to exception strategies when the exception is thrown by the outbound-endpoint. Exception when invoking an http endpoint with a body-to-parameter-map-transformer if the configuration has defined a JAXB Context. Cannot commit transaction in default exception strategy based on custom exception type.

CXF soap fault exception strategy not over-ridable default exception strategy for one-way. Improper response from ws: DefaultMuleSession properties are sometimes case insensitive and sometimes case sensitive. Jetty and Ajax transport do not extend correct schema type and are therefore missing various configuration options.

The beste strategie fur binare optionen 6028 of the path attribute in the HTTP endpoint is missing an important data. Mule not invoking exception strategy when an exception is thrown in asynchronous flow. Invocation-scoped properties are lost after processing a request-reponse endpoint. Deadlock due to JdbcMessageReceiver. AbstractReceiverServlet not allowing to send multiple headers with the same header name. As a user I want invocation properties I set in a flow to be available everywhere in the same flow and and other flows referenced by flow-ref.

As a user I want session scope properties I set to be available in all flows that process the same message. As a Mule developer I want to simplify, clean-up and improve testing of MuleSession to improve quality.

ConcurrentModificationException during serialization of MuleSession with SessionHandler if there is a non-serializable property. CXF swallows exceptions in flows, prevents exception strategies from processing exceptions. MessagePropertyTransformer scope attribute defaults to outbound but is not documented. Flow should be ready to process messages as soon as the message processors are started.

JaxpXPathExpressionEvaluator cannot be used in configs as xpath2 is not in the list of allowed expression evaluators. Beste strategie fur binare optionen 6028 a Mule object application, connector, flow, endpoint, etc is stopped more than once, the second and later stops have no effect.

Transformer weighting algorithm fails to determine transformer with higher priority. Some transformers create execution contexts that are not cleared after execution.

Flows with CXF ignore the exception strategy if the exchange pattern is one way. TemplateParser parse supports nested expression evaluators but validate fails with nesting.

JmxAgent - Infinite loop when undeploying an app if it has a flow with a name beste strategie fur binare optionen 6028 includes the character ': File inbound endpoint triggers multiple flow instances if file read time is longer than pollingFrequency. At this time, not all of the third party modules you may have been using with previous versions of Mule ESB have been upgraded to work with Mule ESB 3.

The beste strategie fur binare optionen 6028 and fixes that Mule ESB 3. Document Revision History June 26,v1. Migrating from Mule ESB 3. Transaction contexts are not propagated to exception strategies. Fix widget example client script classpath. Fix security example client script classpath. Connection leak with transactional JMS. Populate repository script hangs and does not finish. WMQ Native transport for 3. Batch update forces Map payload when that is not needed. CXF proxy service validation exception not propagated properly when using XA.

Response transformer results are discarded when using multicasting router. UnsupportedEncodingException "utf-8" since java 1. Entry point resolver error when using CXF with wire-tap router. Message properties getting lost on VM endpoints. Mule3 Notifications are not fired. Jersey Resources Components do not support interface binding.

ScriptExpressionEvaluator does not throw Exception. Content-Type header not set with PUT method. Component cannot be used inside of an enricher. Java component in async causes LifecycleException in dispose phase. Unformatted log line when beste strategie fur binare optionen 6028 property is optional. NPE using a filter-ref in a when element. Fantasy domain pointed when creating a mule module using archetype.

Dynamic endpoints are not working when connector-ref is used. Remove polling frequency attribute for JDBC outbound endpoint. Jdbc Connector must create a connection during connect phase. NPE in MessageEnricher if enrichment processor returns null. Jetty SSL connector does not support the webapps element. Cached events are updated after being beste strategie fur binare optionen 6028. Error at startup when a sub-flow is invoked twice via flow-ref.

Cache key generation errors should be ignored. DefaultRouterResultsHandler incorrectly aggregates null results. HttpTransport ignores Expires in Set-Cookie values.

Mule throws EOFException when it finds an empty message within a queue store. Add initialState attribute for flows as in services. Add initialState attribute to pattern flows. Application Deployment Descriptor is not properly closed. Defect in TemplateParser when using a Groovy Expression beste strategie fur binare optionen 6028 pipes.

Failed to initialise app. Binding does not work with dynamic endpoints. Unable to set content-type on RestServiceWrapper. ClassCastException when binding interface returns null.

Mule Context missing when receiving a message on TCP inbound endpoint. JMS messages are delivered even if Mule is not started. Soap envelope is invalid after cxf proxy if validation is enabled.

Applications are not being disposed on deployment failure. Session properties lost in an Exception Strategy. PGP is not closing the stream when ends the encryption. Removing anchor file does not undeploy application.

Exception on shutdown provokes app redeployment. First successful not working when used with inputstream based transports.

HTTP S transport generates everlasting temporary files. File transport sets the Directory attribute incorrectly. Applications deleted when deployment fails. An app archive with. Passing an broken zip app in the command beste strategie fur binare optionen 6028 will provoke a fatal error.

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