Why is the Binary Options Industry not Fighting Back?

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Sun Apr 8 Tokyo: January in General. The reasons for the failure were many, wrong time of day to be trading, emotional trading, ego etc etc I've learnt a lot binary options industry challenges then and thought it would be a good binary options industry challenges to attempt the challenge again I will start Thursday 30th January Binary options industry challenges will post daily blog updates on - binaryoptionschallenge.

If anyone is interested in following me or asking questions, feel free. I look forward to watching this, hopefully I will learn something! I can't wait to follow your journey!!!

Thanks for the support. Feel free to post questions on the blog, hope you learn something. Good luck, just be careful not to force things and focus on the account balance. I think regular withdrawals weekly is always a good way to reward yourself and ensure that you leave with some sort of profit for your efforts, much like how a trailing stop works in forex trading. Unfortunately I work on tuesday and wednesay so can only really trade for 3 days a week. February edited February I have joined you Chatter.

I might do some vids to show the progress but really its for myself, as I have already done what you are trying to do. I think with my MM and experience I have an edge over both of you though! I wish you good luck! Nice target lotz, this will be exciting to watch. I don't know, not if it's done right.

I will spend my time working on these videos that I think you will find far more interesting. I struggled today as I had to go to the doctor in the morning so missed London which I usually trade. Will just have to do better on Thursday. Good luck with your challenge.

This is very important specially for newbies to learn but again comes with experience. Many try to fight bad trading conditions but that does not change them just because you trade more or use more leverage does it? No all that does is help you lose more faster, because the trading conditions remain the binary options industry challenges. This is where discipline comes into play and you either learn to take losses and wait it out or you BURN Totally agree with you, found myself trading setups I knew wouldn't work.

Not updated my blog as i was away for a week. I did plan to trade a couple of hours a day when I was away but I realised how difficult that was I was trading off a dongle. Lost a few trades through delay in the execution which made me lose my discipline out of frustration and lost more. I aborted the challenge from there. I started back again yesterday but was ill which had a negative affect on my trading.

How's your challenge going Botz? I am doing very well. My trading is not as exciting as yours. The idea is you increase you survivability with diversification in time - money management or even the strategies you use. This binary options industry challenges also help you focus more on statistics and take you further away from foolish emotional trading habits Interesting idea, will look into implementing it.

March edited March For you I would for sure split the capital binary options industry challenges for survivability reasons as you seem to run a very high risk of ruin imo Good Job by the binary options industry challenges Sign In or Register to comment.

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