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This glossary is by no means complete, nor should you expect to learn all of the terms and acronyms. I will be pleased to add any that have been omitted or newly generated, providing that they add information rather than clutter to what really is a beginner's guide.

Should you require more information on any topic then please highlight the term and copy and past it into the search facility at right. Clicking on any of the letters in the alphabet that are in the boxes with the red outline will return you to the place that you have just come from.

If the word that you are looking at is highlighted then, clicking on it will take you directly to a sub page describing the topic. Is used here in the American sense and refers to numbers or symbols.

Decimal point, but known as 'dot' in computing terms. A set of alphabetic characters often initials that are a shorthand version of a phrase.

Programming Language named after Augusta Ada Lovelace. Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. Automatic Fingerprint Binary signals and coding in computing what does wysiwyg mean System.

Automatic Gain Control developed by Armand Dennis. Accelerated or Advanced Graphics Port. File Transfer Protocol that does not require a password. A programmed set of instructions that can perform a specific task, word processing, spreadsheet, drawing an icon etc. An early software tool for finding files stored on anonymous FTP sites. Advanced Research Projects Agency Network - an experiment in wide area networking that led to the internet that we know today.

American Standard Code for Information Interchange. Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface. Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. An application that can lay out data from files or the internet for viewing on a screen. Email acronym for 'By The Way'. Computer Aided Software Engineering.

Computerised Axial Tomography Scan. The issuer of security certificates. In lower case - a commonly used name for the directory or folder on a web server in which CGI programs are stored. Conversational Hypertext Access Technology. A software application that is used to obtain data from a server or another computer.

Clock usually the system clock, not time of day. Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor, in computer usage often refers to just a small amount of memory that is battery backed and contains BIOS settings. Cyan Magenta Yellow 3 colour. Cyan Magenta Yellow Black 4 Colour. Common Business oriented Language. Often used to indicate a business that is internet based. Internet Cookies are a packet of information sent by a web server that the browser is expected to lodge on the machine and send back to the server whenever the browser makes an additional future request from the same server.

Control Program for Microcomputers developed by Digital Research. Cascading Style Sheet, coding that specifies the appearance of text and other elements. The ethereal space that is deemed to binary signals and coding in computing what does wysiwyg mean occupied by computers and data.

Digital to Analog Converter also my initials which are found many times on this website. Information in the form of numbers or code that a computer can work with. Dual In Line Memory Module. Is a server that performs this kind of translation. A unique name that identifies an Internet site. Domain Names always have 2 or more parts, separated by dots.

Transferring a file or files from a remote computer to the one you are using. Dynamic Random Access Memory. Electrically Alterable Read Only Memory. Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics. Erasable Read Only Memory. A popular method of coupling computers together in a LAN.

An intranet that is accessible to computers other than those particularly on the main site. Frequently Asked Questions a document that lists and answers the most common questions on a particular topic. Fibre Distribution Data Interface - uses fibre optics instead of wire for signal transmission between computers.

First In, First Out. First In, Last Out. An Internet application for locating people on other Internet sites. Derogatory or insulting comments or the act of making them.

Heated personal attacks among debaters in a fierce argument. Floating Point Operations Per Second. A threaded list programming language. Formula Translator programming Language. File Transfer Protocol, for moving files between two Internet sites. A term for a hardware or software interface that translates between two dissimilar protocols. Graphic Interchange Format, for image files that have large areas of single colours.

A very good to my mind the best search engine. The Meaning of the word 'Google' is a play on the word googol, which was coined by Milton Sirotta, nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner, to refer to the number represented by 1 followed by zeros. Google's use of the term reflects the company's mission to organize the immense amount of information available on the web. An early form of information dissemination and retrieval that has been supplanted by hypertext.

Global Positioning System service. A collection of mechanical and electrical bits and pieces binary signals and coding in computing what does wysiwyg mean the physical components and structure of a computer. Hard Disk or High Density. A visitor to a web page, originally a request by a browser for an item from a web server.

Originally, the web page that your browser is set to use at start up. A more recent meaning refers to the main web page for website or group of web pages. A computer on a network that is a repository for Email or Internet services binary signals and coding in computing what does wysiwyg mean other computers to access. HyperText Transfer Protocol, the main means of file transport on the internet. Text that contains links to other documents or other parts of the same document.

Hertz, frequency of a periodic waveform. Internet Message Access Protocol. Acronym for 'In My Humble Opinion' often used with tongue in cheek. A private network within a company or building that uses the same protocols as the internet. Internet Relay Chat - a multi user live chat or conference facility. Integrated Services Digital Network provides speeds of aboutbits per second over conventional phone lines.

A company that provides access to the Internet. Minor programming that can be incorporated within HTML to automate some actions. Java Development Kit a software development pack from Sun Microsystems. Joint Electronic Devices Engineering Council. Joint Photographic Experts Group, an image format for detailed images or photographs. Local Area Network is a network of limited area and scope, usually the same building or floor of a building or possibly a group of buildings.

A telephone line or fibre optic cable that is rented for your network or companies. Last In, First Out. Binary signals and coding in computing what does wysiwyg mean In, Last Out. As a noun, the user name required to access a computer system. As a verb, the act of connecting to a computer system binary signals and coding in computing what does wysiwyg mean giving 'username' and 'password'. Macintosh Apple Macintosh Computer.

Mail list or Mailing List, a discussion group system that allows people to send Email to one address for onward transmission to a group of other Email addresses. Mail or Messaging Applications Programming. Micro Channel Adapter or Architecture. A type of HTML tag that contains information not normally displayed to the user, but binary signals and coding in computing what does wysiwyg mean the page itself and it's originator.

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