‘Killers having lunch’: The real life Wolves of Wall Street

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They are often involved with autotrader scams and other similar "make easy money" scams. I suppose this is how you guys found that broker? Regardless, never sign up with autotraders and the brokers involved with them and never let account managers trade your money.

After registered in quantum code robot comes out BinaryBook brooker to make a deposit before beginning, and after the expert refuses to make trades with the robots because it is not intersting. The 3 first trafes with the robot went all in lost, sothat the expert made the trades for me on their plateform BinaryBook and all my trades went in losses. Strange and unprofitable strategy done by BinaryBook. I told him I don't have the funds, he said he is trying to get funds loaded into my account. Obviously me thinking its funds from binarybookswe lost that toothen I ask him where did that money come from he says it was in my acche thought I did a depositmeanwhile it's a win from a position I opened.

They made me loose my binarybookcom is not an exchange rate because he didn't want me to make a withdrawal. He says he got confused. I have all the chatshas anyone watched " Wolf of Wall Street "it feels like insider tradingthey make the ppl with lesser money invest then tell the people with millions to invest the opposite directionwhich you think they would want more?

Please someone advise me on how I can get my money backBinarybookcom is not an exchange rate. Also does anyone ever had problems with the graphs and expiry times. Do any of you think these graphs and times are fixed? I looked at there clock as the time was counting down and it stopped on numerous occassions. I had my stop watch on and binarybookcom is not an exchange rate 5 minute trade took 8.

Has anyone else experienced the phamton clock and graph? I signed up with Binary Book in July and they kept pressuring me to put more money in and get a bonus. I have put over 40K into the account and they told me what trades to put on and I have lost on nearly all the trades they pushed me to put on and am about 30K losses so far. I have not traded for a month. I have put a dispute in with my bank but they said they will binarybookcom is not an exchange rate take action as I was trading and not paying for a service!

How can I contact a solicitor that binarybookcom is not an exchange rate be confident to get my money back. I have tried on umpteen occasions to withdraw money but each time it is cancelled. Thu Apr 5 Tokyo: January in Complaints. If you are due funds from the scam BinaryBook, Please join my petition or loose all of your binarybookcom is not an exchange rate When I tried to do a simple withdrawal, they denied me.

Then they will pay back all the people like us their monies. Howlett advertised in the London's newspapers and has gotten many more suckers like me to join in. He also wanted to know the various online forums for BinaryBook so that he can get the word out to more people.

I have sent him 3 that I know of. If you are able to get more of us on this pending law suit, Pleeze do. January edited January I think that is a great Idea and I hope more firms like this pop up and go across the boarders to sue brands with the worst records such as Banc De Binary NRG TradersXP LBinary interactive option big option and many others all of binarybookcom is not an exchange rate are spotoption white labels.

I think this is a sure way to clean up binary options and help keep it legitimate. Did Ctoptions ever get nailed for screwing people? Below is emaills from binarybook. And secondly as you can see binarybook. Please find the IP below: Should you have any more queries, we will be more than happy to assist you. Kindly note that nobody has access to your account except you. Therefore, the trades were placed by yourself and your automated trading software. Please refer to this link to check your Trading history Binarybookcom is not an exchange rate on Positions: Apologies for any confusion.

These are Roger's personal selections traded on your behalf. Upon checking, you only have the main ABS on your account. I'd suggest you get in touch with your broker directly to clarify as some brokers have their own auto trading services. Hope this helps Marcus. Let me know if you need further assistance from here.

Please be advised that after a deep investigation in your Account we noted the following points. Furthermore, the login time on our database matched the time the trades were placed in your Account. We can confirm that the trades were not executed by the Auto Binary Signals software nor by anyone at BinaryBook.

Additionally, we do have the supportive facts binarybookcom is not an exchange rate proved that the allegations you are making towards the company are considered as false. Thank you in advance for your understanding. Gets better just got this! Which by the way, if you would have listen to me, you would understand that this amount is very risky to trade with.

As I told you in the beginning — listen to me, and we will get far. I've just started a Youtube channel to be honest and posted my first every video on binary books. Lost 30 k in 1 day by trader spencer dezoate of UK my lifetime savings binarybookcom is not an exchange rate earned money in binarybookcom is not an exchange rate day that I was no aware of. I have been with Binarybook now for a year. I have recently tried to close my account and also attempted to withdraw some of my funds, but it appears that I cannot even though their website clearly states that I can withdraw at anytime.

I have spoken numerous time on 'live chat' and am always informed that my expert trader will contact me! Today I am awaiting a call from my expert trader who was due to call at 3pm I can't withdrawn my money out from Binary Book These people are still trading and making lots of money. I have had to say good bye to my money and I have sent an email to Interpol asking that they be removed from the internet to protect other people.

Interpol can be contacted here http: Good info, Thanks for the heads up. August edited August I have found on another discussion binaryoptionsthis site http: Elsaboat how do I sign your Petition.

Can someone pls help me how to take money back from binary book? October edited October They don't return your money. Escribo esto para evitar que haya nuevos estafados Please use English in the forums in the future.

I let this one be. I always hated the word " Book " They will not answer my calls, online chats, faxes, or emails. Sign In or Register to comment. Who's Online 3 3 Guests.

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This behavior is typical of these scam companies. They will give you a bonus so you would never see the money because of some BS small print that they obviously don't tell you about. I contacted an attorney in the UK who deals a lot with binary and forex fraud.

He rescued most of my stolen funds. Shoot me a direct mail so i can give you the details of the law firm. I didn't get all of it back but some is better than nothing. Don't ever use their service , is a rigged platform , and you can forget about taking your money back , if you want prove , please e-mail me , I'm new to this platform so I don't know how to operate it yet!!

Thu Apr 5 Tokyo: July in Complaints. Stay away from unregulated brokers Anyone ever tried the Metabot software trading machine? July edited July Auto-Traders are as close to getting good performance as you will find. The point is they know how to use them and like a kid with a gun if not used properly can end up often with one less kid I can definitely concur. This site and company are scam artists. A friend of min e has invested thousands with them and now cant withdraw it out.

Absolute scam site do not give binary book any money because you will lose it. I did so take it from me. A guy called David Brandon conned me out of a lot of money. So believe me when I tell you its scam. Yes It is a Scam. I never got a Bonus. I filled out all the compliance forms so i can withdrawal my money and they keep playing email tag. I just want to get my money back. They are the worst ones.

Hi Cholinc - sorry to hear that. January edited January He filled me with plenty of lies about how much money he would make me and that I would never have to pay for utilities again as I would make so much money.

He then added thousands of pounds of bonus payments to my account which looked great, but it never belongs to you, nor will you ever get your hands on it!! It was only when I tried to draw money out that I became suspicious. Like I always told people, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"!!

They are also not regulated by anybody so you will have no recourse when you want to file a complaint. Please be very careful about these Binary Options because very few of them are legitimate. I have noted the pattern of traffic.. Funny enough the last guy was from Israel and gee does that not make sense. If you are aware of anyone who has money invested at Binarybook. They did 7 trades without consent. So hit their Facebook page, twitter feed, Google Plus account with transcripts of emails.

Got blocked from all sites, still doing it under different log in's. Contacted Selachii LLP now on creditors list for court. If you have had a bad experience with BinaryBook. Put your comments up in public. Wow, good to know! I will not be using their services! I had a bad experience with the support department regarding their way of assisting me. I've traded with this broker for quite a while. But somewhere down the line things went wrong, I lost my initial investment without even knowing how.

I contacted BinaryBook and asked how could that be possible. Therefore, I asked him how do I trade better and be more successful? He explained that I should spend some time in their learning section on their website and familiarize myself with it.

Even apply my small strategies from my own research and analysis. Of course, I have not yet performed any withdrawals. Even though I am now trading successfully, I had to ask myself that If I could win, why are there still a number of BinaryBook complaints where people are not satisfied with this broker? I took the initiative to read numerous reviews and one in particular site, which is known to analyze and test the reliability and legitimacy of brokers, released a binaryoptions.

Is that I am a complete scammer trying to promote them and I won't do that anymore! I have found Binarybook working with several autotrader scam providers. For example, Push Button Salary scam. I joined unknowenly with Binary Book via Michael Freeman's signals. Then the main Expert will try to convince you to deposit more money.

The bad part is tryng to get your money out of this people. I tried since 3rd Jan , not successful! If you want to lose your money, that is the sure way to go. Tried to get hold of Michael Freeman, not successful yet. My problem is the following Why does he even use this platform? I am looking with a different set of eyes at Michael, with disappointment. If you managed to find reviews of Binary Book I'm hoping that you will take heed of all those who have shared their experiences.

If you have worked hard and value your money, please please do not depart with any of it and give it to Binary Book. My short story all in one month of March is a painful reminder that one needs to exercise due diligence in any financial matter. I initially wanted to try and test the robot Social Tech Trader. I was later contacted and sold the idea that the Robot does not work very well and that I should allow them to trade for me and make lots of money.

On hearing these kind of figures I made it crystal clear that I only wanted to try out the Social Tech Trader robot as that was my original idea. I was furious to put it lightly and I managed to speak to a supervisor.

I expressed it was no less than fraud what they have done and I demand a full refund immediately. As far as they were concerned my account is now closed. Binary Book will never treat you as a valued customer only waiting to pounce and devour your money. Be Aware fellow traders. March edited March Services like this are going to become increasingly popular in the future thankfully.

So check them out I recommend any firm that wants to go after the brokers for you lol.. There are a bunch of people who recently emailed me all kinds of articles by "The Times of Israel" seems there is a large coalition building to find and end the scam brokers there along with different groups coming together to make this happen.

One of them is "Gabriele Giambrone" who is going after several companies. This will be good for whole binary options industry imo. Was only a matter of time Of course, that makes it easy for the broker to pay the few winning traders by taking a small part of the money the losing traders lost, give it to the winning traders and keep the rest for themselves.

As you can imagine, this is a very lucrative business once the ball gets rolling! The bad, or plain ugly As we all know, there are some really shady brokers out there. Their simple rule is: The tricks they use are plenty, but the most common is the deposit bonus. So you go for it, as it seems like a good deal.

Now there are ways to check your brokers accreditation. Stick with regulated brokers! It involves crooked brokers, Binary Option BO review sites and a sudden upwelling of auto trading systems, claiming to make you tons of money every day. Binadroid CopyBuffet Safe Income to name a few. Now I cannot say anything yet about Safe Income because I have not tried them.

However, I have tried both Binadroid and CopyBuffet. Both are at the top of the charts for being honest, credible and both get tons of great reviews. All of the review sites make their money by affiliate marketing.