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I'm trying to configure an Alias interface bind socket to interface no such device Ubuntu 8. I have a single physical interface on my system, recognized as eth0. This interface has and needs a static IP Address. I would like to add a second IP Address to this interface by assigning an alias, i. For some reason, this does not work.

I get the following errors when the alias interface is attempted to be brought up with DHCP: Cannot assign requested address Bind socket to interface: No such device Failed to bring up eth0: If your eth0 IP is say Use the following command: Unfortunately, I don't want a static IP on the alias interface To set DHCP, edit: When I attempt to bring up the alias interface via ifup eth0: So, the problem seems to be related to using DHCP on the bind socket to interface no such device interface.

Did you verify that the alias is up and running? The alias interface is brought up and the IP ping-able when assigned manually static. However, when attempting to use DHCP, the interface is not up, and cannot be ping-ed. I've never messed with setting up an aliased interface, so this is just an idea that will only take a few seconds to try: After googling around, I found this thread: Cannot assign requested address Errors may be related to some wireless tools and could possibly be unrelated.

Towards the end of the thread some users have been having the same problem. I haven't attempted downgrading my packages yet, but that may be the next step.

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Sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn't. I've trying editing some files but nothing. I've seen that using dhclient instead of dhcpcd is a possible solution. In fact, when I do this.

The question is, how can I do dhclient eth0 automatically at startup. In the Wiki I saw that I can use dhclient eth0 if dhcpcd fails, but where? Let me try a little more before putting the tag [solved]. Hi again Ok, as I though, dhclient seems to run at startup, but arch cannot find eth0. Here are some codes to see the problem. When the network is working, ifconfig shows somthing about eth0 and lo, but when the network is not working it doesn't show eth0 only lo:.

Im no expert but this happened in an old pc I had a while ago. Try looking for the existance of the interface in. When I don't have my wireless module loaded, I don't have wlan0. So, maybe the correct module for your network card isn't loaded?

Well Proofrific, I have added to my rc. Anyway my network card is Ethernet controller: From your post it seems that your network cards are not detected and only loop back is there. The easiest way to do this is using wicd, as pointed out by kgas. For more infor on wicd see: But sometimes when eth0 was not loaded ifconfig and ifconfig -a showed the same, only the loopback, anyway the problem seems to be solved.

Thank you all guys.. I have rebooted a lot of times and the network is always working.. I'm sorry if I was annoying. I feel a great deal of satisfaction when things work fine on Arch, my network worked with no problems on ubuntu, opensuse and windows, but I feel better with Arch.

Hope this post helps anyone with similar problems.. I commented any other network daemon netfs, network, networkmanager with a "! Also, I commented with! In addition I recommend putting as first daemon "syslog-ng" then "dbus" and "wicd" as the first three daemons. With this, my network profile is always started up on boot, and the network seems to work fine. The first step of creating a net profile is not so necesary and may bring the same problems.

So I just put a! Wicd itself is taking care of everything. Index Rules Search Register Login. You are not logged in. In fact, when I do this dhclient eth0. For info, please visit http: No such device eth0: No such device Bind socket to interface: Local Loopback inet addr: No such device dhcpcd: Modules to load at boot-up. These are only useful if you happen to need multiple network configurations ie, laptop users - set to 'menu' to present a menu during boot-up dialog package required - prefix an entry with a!

Try looking for the existance of the interface in dmesg. Last edited by archvic Atom topic feed Powered by FluxBB.