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This is a study guide to help people pass the Bing Ads exam. Bing ads exam cover all best practices, from preparation to taking the exam. You can sit the Bing Ads exam at any point in time, and there is no minimum monthly bing ads exam requirement to bing ads exam part in the program. Click the links to each of the categories, and the training lessons will be presented.

It is important to thoroughly read all of this material, as the exams are based on it. Make sure you click all of the links within each category and thoroughly digest the information written.

Make thorough notes about the different aspects of the learning material. These notes will come in handy during the exam. Also, applying your knowledge to an account will help the information to stay fresh in your mind, further your abilities with navigation,and deepen your understanding of the inner workings of the account bing ads exam are essential when taking the exam. We also strongly encourage exam candidates to prepare using our revision questions.

Our questions are written in a similar style and theme as the exam, so they can be a very useful guide of what to expect, and also of how ready you actually are to take the real test.

Our questions also enable candidates to benchmark their performance, allowing users to learn about any areas of possible weakness that could be improved upon.

During the signup process for bing ads exam exam, you will be asked to provide your Microsoft account username, and also bing ads exam that you are managing an active Bing Ads account. Bing ads exam exam is free of charge. If you pass the exam on your first attempt, well done! Bing ads exam will be able to access your Dashboard to view and print your exam certificate.

You can opt into bing ads exam in the Accredited Professionals directory should you wish to do so, and you will also be issued with an accredited professional badge, which you can display on your website, letterhead and stationery etc. Please note, there are terms and conditions for using the professional badge logo, and the badge is non-transferrable. If you do bing ads exam pass the exam on your first attempt, fear not!

You will be allowed to resit the exam again at any point in time. Currently there is no charge for resits. The Bing Ads exam certificate will remain valid for one year, after which time you will need to retake the exam to remain certified. To view an article from a Bing Ads exam candidate sharing information and tips about her exam experience, please see the following link:. We hope this article will help you prepare for, study, then promote your Bing Ads Accredited Professional status.

The Bing Ads Exam: Study Guide This is a study guide to help people pass the Bing Ads exam. You can sit the Bing Ads exam online, whenever you want. The flexibility is very convenient. We recommend deciding on a study schedule and sticking to it.

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You can configure the Manager pane to provide either tabs or a drop-down list for selecting the type of item that you want to view. Although the Ad Preview and Diagnostics Tool is a powerful and useful tool, you should use it sparingly because it directly affects your campaign results and budget.

You can import existing campaigns from other online search engines, like Google. Your ad will be approved if you comply with Bing Ads policies for the United States, regardless of the market in which the ad is being displayed. Which of the following will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns?

An important part of PPC optimization is constantly using the Bing Ads resources designed to help you boost performance. Take advantage of the following Bing Ads features to review and improve your campaigns. With Bing Ads, you can export which kinds of campaigns? Entire account Individual campaigns Specific ad groups All of the above. When using Bing Ads Editor to export data, you have the power to be selective. You can export data from entire accounts, individual campaigns or specific ad groups.

Which Delivery status indicates an ad group that has passed its end date? Ad group paused Pending editorial review Disapproved Ad group expired. The Opportunities page helps you use specific and personalized steps to help optimize performance, listed in order of estimated impact. Remarketing in paid search lets you target ads to people who have interacted with your site before. Which of the following might generate invalid clicks? Select two Trademark infringement Search engine robots Fraudulent activity Increased clicks due to recent news about your company.

InvalidClicks that fall into the low-quality category which exhibit characteristics of user error, search engine robots, spiders, test servers, questionable sources, or fraudulent activity. Exclusions you set at the campaign level will cascade down to all of the ads in your campaign. When you target by time of day, which time zone does Bing Ads use?

The language in which the ad is written. The address provided at registration. You can pinpoint the scheduling of your ads to minute increments throughout the day and adjust your bids based on peak or low traffic volumes. What is the first step in getting a bid estimation for keywords? Choose the bid amount Choose a keyword Choose the targeted position None of the above. To get bid estimations, choose a keyword. The Editor displays recommended bids for three different targeted positions: Warning notifications Information notifications Opportunity notifications All of the above.

The error icon also appears on the tabs that contain errors. For whom might you create a remarketing list? Anyone that has made a purchase Anyone that has visited a specific category page by defining that the URL contains the product. Anyone that has visited your loyalty website All of the above. Which column in the Bing Ads data summary table tells you the pre- and post-auction delivery status of your campaign?

Status Impressions Click-through rate Delivery. You want to run your report on a regular basis. Which option gives you this capability? Impression column Campaign Analytics report type Limit your report results to specific accounts Schedule this report to run automatically. You want to determine which ads lead to clicks and conversions, and which are not performing. Which type of report should you select? Campaign report Ad report Keyword report Search term report Ad group report. For locations to display in Location Extensions, they must be within how many miles of user?

Sitelink Extensions can be associated at either the campaign or ad group level. Looking at traffic history is one way to improve your bidding strategy. Which of the following data is included? Select two Keyword traffic Suggested bids Future performance Demographic targets. The Summary Grid displays icons that alert you to errors or unsynchronized offline changes.

The keyword research feature can help you: Expand keyword or negative keyword lists Target the most relevant audience Get bid estimates All of the above. Which Bing Ads feature can help you analyze your ad campaign performance?

Editorial guidelines Targeting Reports Dynamic text. The most important feature of Sitelink Extensions including Enhanced Sitelinks is: You can tailor the URL for each Sitelink Extension You can re-use the same landing page for multiple sitelinks You can display up to six links to deeper pages on a website. All of the above. You want to track your search advertising budget and spend. Which report group should you select? Billing and budget Targeting Delivery Editorial.

Conversion tracking provides data about visitors who click your ad, and then continue to complete a desired action conversion. You can create a new campaign by copying an existing campaign from one account to another. You want to improve the relevance of your ad and landing page. First, you include dynamic text in your ad. What else can you do? Apply a keyword level destination URL using dynamic text Increase your keyword bids Increase your incremental bids All of the above.

An online clothing store sells clothing exclusively to young women. What are the best targeting options for this advertiser? Age and time of the day Age and location Age and gender Gender and day of the week. The landing page is under construction. The landing page generates a pop up survey. The landing page includes more than one of your keywords. The landing page is not relevant to the ad text and keywords.

What happens if you have Param 1 in your ad, but there is no corresponding value at the keyword level? Without it, the ad will not serve Without it, the ad will exceed character limits Without it, the destination URL will not work. Unified Device Targeting combines PCs, laptops, mobile devices and tablets into one category. How do you optimize your bid for tablets? Which Delivery status is given to ads or keywords that violate the Bing Ads policies?

Ad paused Pending editorial review Disapproved Eligible. How can you overwrite your offline changes with what you have online? What is the main advantage of using dynamic text in your ads? Allows you to exceed the character limits for Bing Ads ads. Displays ads only to customers most interested in purchasing. Turns generic ads into custom ads. Tablet investment can be controlled by bid modifiers of: What is the first step in creating your store in the Bing Merchant Center?

From which tab can you access your online billing statement? When implementing conversion tracking, what is the first step? Why is it important to choose the right keywords? Select two Prevents your campaign from being paused.

Helps more customers find your ads. Drives more relevant traffic to your website. Lowers your incremental bids. As a Bing Ads customer, you want to run a very short seasonal campaign. You configure the campaign to run the last 10 days in November. What amount should you enter in the campaign budget field when using the Daily Standard option? Which feature should you use to create a custom filter that shows items with different attributes? Advanced search Find and replace Match types None of the above.

How do incremental bids affect the display of your ad? They trigger the display of your ad when terms in your keyword appear in any order in the search query. They cause a word or phrase to be inserted at display time into the ad.

They affect the number of times your ad is displayed in a given month. They increase the likelihood that your ads are displayed in a better position to customers who meet your targeting criteria.