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Khalidi, New York-born but descended from a broker reviewer pdf Palestinian family, has authored some of the most meticulously researched analyses of Palestinian politics in the 20th century, including Under Siege: The Story of the Palestinian Struggle for Statehood. The Cold War and American Dominance in the Middle East allowed him to step back from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to offer a fierce analysis of American policy in the region. Since his move from the University of Chicago, where he was a faculty colleague of a young law professor named Barack Obama, to Columbia University, Khalidi has emerged as a public intellectual in the United States — a rare voice for the Palestinian cause amid a cacophony of pro-Israel sentiment.

Accordingly, he often broker reviewer pdf on cable news shows to offer commentary, while his opinions appear as frequently in the pages of The New York Times and Foreign Policy as his scholarship in peer-reviewed academic journals.

This slender volume does not represent a deep dive into the archives broker reviewer pdf rather serves as a vehicle for a passionate, highly critical analysis of American policy toward the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. Serious scholars of United States foreign policy and the Middle East may not discover much fresh primary material here.

Khalidi has clearly long felt passionately broker reviewer pdf this argument, but apparently only now has he taken the opportunity to articulate it. How is it, Khalidi wonders, that the most powerful country in the world has failed for decades to mediate an equitable, lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians? The answer is simple. Khalidi sets out two primary objectives. He subsequently identifies three major patterns in American policy dating back to Harry S.

These moments all represent missed broker reviewer pdf by the United States to leverage major regional upheaval to push forcefully for a permanent Israeli-Palestinian settlement. For example, from Lyndon B. This has been the public position of each subsequent president, even though none has officially repudiated the earlier post United States position that settlements were illegal under international law.

This analysis constitutes the strongest section of the book; it features the broker reviewer pdf original research and the fiercest critique of American and Israeli policy. The key point here is that despite various broker reviewer pdf by President George H. Bush and his secretary state, James Baker, about Israeli settlements, ultimately Washington allowed the opportunity presented by the historical convening of the Madrid Conference to vanish.

Instead, the United States did not stand up to the Israelis, who continued to build settlements even while negotiating, thereby dragging out the possibility of any progress while increasing their advantage on the ground. That status quo, of course, dramatically favoured Israel and allowed it to further entrench its control over the occupied territories.

Nevertheless, the author expresses deep disappointment with the current president. Gerges, whose Obama and the Middle East: Ultimately, Khalidi faults Obama for a lack of policy imagination or, perhaps, courage. This argument puts Khalidi on less solid ground, however. The reason for this lack of sympathy remains less than clear, but is likely intertwined with the same strategic and corporate interests cited by Khalidi, along with a jaundiced American media narrative that has long portrayed Israel as the plucky underdog facing off against overwhelming Arab might.

The weight of these combined factors, indeed, largely explains the failure of United States policy to shift toward any accommodation for Palestinian interests. The president made early gestures toward changing course, but in the final analysis did not have broker reviewer pdf political capital to affect a discernible broker reviewer pdf. Nor does the Obama administration look likely to change anything broker reviewer pdf this front in its remaining months.

However, Obama has reversed the trend of most two-term presidents. Foreign policy featured prominently in the early part of his first term, but in his second term he appears more focused on his domestic agenda.

Health care, the United States economy, equal rights for minorities and women — these are his political imperatives now. As a result, they have failed to take a bold and unified stance on Palestine.

The Palestinian leadership also bears considerable blame. For too much of its recent history, it has concerned itself disproportionately with consolidating political power, often at the expense of state building. Reasonable — and even broker reviewer pdf — as those phrases may sound, in truth their broker reviewer pdf have allowed Israel to drag out negotiations interminably while perpetuating the status quo on the ground, which is manifestly to its advantage.

The answer seems to be frankly that Khalidi did not set out to write a comprehensive account of American mediation in the Israeli-Palestinian arena and these areas were relatively untouched by contemporary historians. The book lacks a bibliography, perhaps because it is aimed as much at a general audience broker reviewer pdf a specialist one. The publisher may believe that that will make the book more attractive to the general reader, for whom a list of so many books might be intimidating.

Regardless, the omission is unfortunate for readers specialising in United States foreign policy and the Middle East. Perhaps as compensation, however, Khalidi engages in a lively broker reviewer pdf with the source material in his own footnotes. It features prominently in the introduction and conclusion, but his core critiques are of American policy failure, both in development and consistency.

In this context, language shapes the way in which the American public, media and policymakers conceive of the Israel-Palestine dilemma. However, an exploration of such a dynamic might require a different sort of book, one that employs methodological approaches from anthropology, sociology or media theory.

Those minor issues aside, Khalidi has produced a cogently argued, timely and highly readable book. Moreover, his prominent position in the United States public space comes as a welcome change to the simplistic, politically charged rhetoric that too often characterises American political discourse on foreign policy generally, and the Middle East specifically. For many decades, Americans have found it virtually impossible to have an open debate on the Israeli-Palestinian question — even compared to Israel itself, which has a lively, even raucous, tradition of democracy and free speech.

Changing the ways in which Americans talk about the Middle East might be just the first step toward affecting policy change. Broker reviewer pdf to main content. How the US has undermined peace in the Middle East.

Mr Daniel Broker reviewer pdf, review of Brokers of Deceit: How the Broker reviewer pdf has undermined peace in the Middle Eastreview no.

Gerhard Peters and John T. Back to 3 Rashid Khalidi, Under Siege: Back to 4 Ibid, Sowing Crisis: Back to 5 Jacob W. Back to 6 William Quandt, Peace Process: Back to 7 Khalidi notes that Henry Kissinger originally coined this phrase, though Aaron David Miller has recently repurposed it.

The American Presidency Projected. Back to 11 Fawaz A. Gerges, Obama and the Middle East: The End of America's Moment? New York, NY, Back to broker reviewer pdf The author is happy to accept this review and does not wish to comment further.

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