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The offseason can read option work nfl trade shaping up to be a fascinating game of quarterback musical chairs. During a typical offseason, we usually see can read option work nfl trade seven teams either replace their current passer or draft a player who they expect to eventually take over as their long-term quarterback.

Excluding the injuries that forced the Colts and Dolphins to make moves before the season, there were six teams -- the 49ers, Bears, Browns, Chiefs, Jets and Texans -- that dramatically changed their quarterback calculus this past offseason.

By the time this offseason is over, we could see as many as 11 teams change either their current or long-term QB1. And that's assuming we don't get any veteran retirements or teams like Kansas City trading up to grab a quarterback can read option work nfl trade year or two before anyone expected.

There are six teams that are all but guaranteed to come up with a new answer under center. What's even rarer is the crop of quarterback options available. Players who don't normally hit the market might be available this offseason, which could very well lead to some massive, franchise-shifting bets. Front offices will simultaneously be scouting a quarterback class that could include as many as five signal-callers worthy of a first-round pick in the NFL draft. If you're planning on finding a new quarterback over the can read option work nfl trade several seasons, this is probably the year in which to make your move.

Teams will have to prepare to pursue multiple quarterbacks on several fronts and be willing to settle for their second or third choice. As we break down the veteran market to come in order of how the league would perceive their desirability, though, it all starts with the rarest commodity: Kirk CousinsWashington status: This doesn't really ever happen.

Teams find passers in free agency who slip through the cracks, like Tyrod Taylor. Peyton Manning hit the market after what could have been career-ending neck surgery. The last time we saw a quarterback as productive as Cousins hit the market before turning 30 was when Drew Brees left the Chargers after the season. Even then, though, Brees was coming off a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder, one which famously led the Dolphins to choose Daunte Culpepper over the guy who would can read option work nfl trade make his Hall of Fame case in New Orleans.

The big question is whether Can read option work nfl trade goes where no team has gone before under the current CBA and keeps Cousins off the market with a third franchise tag. The problem is that the transition tag doesn't offer any compensation and would open can read option work nfl trade Washington to a bevy of offers from teams with far more cap space than what Washington will have.

Washington could simply sign Cousins to a long-term deal, but given that its can read option work nfl trade from July wasn't competitiveit's tough to see why its stance would have changed. Simultaneously, though, the market for Cousins looks totally different than it did a year ago. After the offseason, it seemed like the two teams that would compete for Cousins in free agency were a pair of NFC West rivals, with both the 49ers Kyle Shanahan and Rams Sean McVay hiring a pair of ex-Washington offensive coordinators.

Now, with Jimmy Garoppolo and Jared Goff both playing like stars, those can read option work nfl trade are out of the quarterback market.

Plenty of teams will be interested in Cousins, but leaving Washington might not seem to be can read option work nfl trade as compelling without a familiar face in charge. The Jaguars would be in play. The Browns and Jets can afford anyone. Anything less and Washington probably matches.

If Cousins hits unrestricted free agency, though, anything goes. The Dolphins are in awful cap shape after making a series of terrible decisions this past offseason, but as a team that routinely offers players an additional year of guarantees, they might very well offer Cousins four or even five years of guaranteed upper-echelon quarterback money. The Cardinals could enter the running. Maybe the Steelers even look at Cousins if Ben Roethlisberger calls it quits. The going rate for a quarterback as good as Cousins -- if there even is one -- is multiple first-round picks.

Teams are going to throw caution to the wind if Cousins comes free, and they might not be wrong to do so. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints status: Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers status: Two quarterbacks at different points of their careers, both Brees and Garoppolo are going to be staying in their current locales this offseason. With Brees not wanting to uproot his family and New Orleans looking like a possible Super Bowl contender, there's no reason for him to leave town.

He'll likely sign another short-term deal and the Saints will kick the post-Brees cap problems another year down can read option work nfl trade line. One interesting scenario, though: Would the Saints hope to draft a quarterback like Louisville's Lamar Jackson with the 32nd pick, or would they go back to their cap disasters of years past and squeeze a veteran onto what would be a competitive roster?

Garoppolo, meanwhile, has excelled since taking over as the starter in San Francisco. The 49ers aren't letting him go anywhere, but the question for general manager John Lynch is about sample size.

Has he seen enough to lock up Garoppolo to a long-term deal after two starts with the Patriots and three with the 49ers? Or does he resist the urge to try to save money with an extension and slap Garoppolo with the franchise tag this offseason to get another year of data on his would-be starter?

Let's assume the scenario I laid out in which Lynch franchises Garoppolo, signs Cousins, and then deals Garoppolo for multiple first-round picks is off the table. Alex Can read option work nfl tradeKansas City Chiefs status: The departure of general manager John Dorsey shortly thereafter doesn't change things, given that coach Andy Reid doesn't have any qualms about trading away a quarterback.

The fact that Smith has subsequently enjoyed his best season as a pro in only strengthens Reid's bargaining position. With two games to go, Smith leads the league in passer rating, interception rate and adjusted yards per attempt. Given how Smith relies so heavily upon accuracy in the short and medium range, it wouldn't be difficult to see him aging well into his late 30s. My suspicion is that Reid will look to get a second-round pick for Smith, even if it means sending a late-round selection back as part of the swap.

That seems like a lot to pay for a quarterback Chiefs fans want to bench on an annual basis, but even if you assume Smith is merely average, a lot of teams would be quite happy with an average starting quarterback.

The Broncos, for one, might very well be in the thick of the AFC West race if they had Smith as opposed to their flotsam at quarterback. Offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave has built a playoff offense around Christian Ponder can read option work nfl trade Adrian Peterson before, so it's not like he can't make hay with a former first overall pick.

Washington might consider dealing for Smith if it loses Cousins. Smith would be a perfect fit for the Jaguars if they move on from Bortles because of what they're looking for from a quarterback. He'd also fit the Vikings' current scheme if they don't end up keeping any of the passers they have on the roster. Blake BortlesJacksonville Jaguars status: As someone who has can read option work nfl trade skeptical of Bortles for virtually his entire career, let me echo the sentiments you've read elsewhere: He's playing fantastic football.

The numbers are great -- over his past three games, Bortles leads the league in yards per attempt 9. Bortles' numbers in the past were a product of garbage-time chucks to Allen Robinson. Robinson is not can read option work nfl trade, and even with Marqise Lee sidelined last week, Bortles was dropping perfect throws into guys like Keelan Cole and Jaydon Mickens.

Bortles deserves all the plaudits he's getting. Of course, the tough part in evaluating Bortles is that he has done this over the past three weeks against teams -- the Colts, Seahawks and Texans -- that have been decimated by injuries; you could make one hell of a defense out of the guys who are done for the year across those three teams. Bortles already was playing the best football of his career before this three-game stretch, though, and it's undeniable that he simply looks like a much more confident and consistent quarterback in terms of his decision-making and mechanics than he did previously.

Three weeks ago, though, virtually everybody was signing up Eli Manning for a reunion with Tom Coughlin in Jacksonville next season. Three months ago, we were all sure Bortles was done in Florida. I suspect this will come down to how Bortles performs in the playoffs. If he plays fine and the Jaguars either win the Super Bowl or lose for reasons unrelated to their passing attack, he'll be back.

If he reverts to form and lays a Brian Hoyer -esque stinker at home in the wild-card round, though, the Jaguars probably will look to upgrade this offseason.

As heavily as the Jags were criticized by people like me for handing Bortles a fifth-year option on his deal, it might end up working out brilliantly for Jacksonville.

If Bortles continues to play well, Coughlin will have the ability to evaluate him for a fifth season without having to commit to a long-term deal.

The option also increases Jacksonville's leverage if the team wants to sign Bortles to an extension, given that the Jags would have him under reasonable cost control through and then have the option of a franchise tag in In the end, it might come down to a question of can read option work nfl trade power.

General manager Dave Caldwell drafted Bortles, and you suspect his side of the can read option work nfl trade office has always believed in Bortles turning into a franchise passer.

Coughlin arrived after Bortles struggled for several years and has no meaningful attachment to the pick. If Coughlin does have final say on football decisions, it seems less likely Bortles will be the guy in Jacksonville in If Bortles does leave, some team is going to take a shot on his athleticism and success in He's an obvious fit for the Cardinals, who liked him coming out of UCF and need someone with athleticism and arm strength in Bruce Arians' downfield passing attack.

The Bills, who covet a traditional pocket passer, also could look Bortles' way given that the year-old is essentially the polar opposite of Tyrod Taylor.

All are unrestricted free agents. I don't know that I've ever seen this happen before. The Vikings are going to the playoffs with three quarterbacks on their roster who will likely start multiple games inand none of them are under contract for next season.

I'm also not sure who the Vikings will or should try to retain to take snaps for them. It's a situation that any team with a settled quarterback situation is happy to avoid, and any team lacking a quarterback would look at enviously. Of can read option work nfl trade three, it seems easiest to eliminate Bradford, even if he arguably has the most upside.

It's tough for the Vikings to commit to a year-old with multiple knee injuries for any sort of long-term deal, and yet, it wouldn't be a surprise to see Bradford get meaningful guaranteed money on the open market. Teams with aspirations of competing, like the Dolphins and Giants, could look at Bradford as a starter if they dump their incumbents. The Cardinals have taken risks on players with injury histories before and have a need under center. The Browns could even go after Bradford as a bridge quarterback to give whomever they take with the first overall pick time to hide from coach Hue Jackson.

It seems far likelier, on the other hand, that Bridgewater will re-sign in Minnesota, at least on a one-year deal.

He's not going to get much playing time the rest of the way barring an injury to Keenum, so Bridgewater would be hitting the market two years after his last meaningful reps in a league that didn't really value him highly in the draft. His best bet is to rebuild his value in purple and gold before hitting the market in or signing an extension next year.

Keenum, of course, is the most difficult evaluation of all. We have pass attempts suggesting Keenum is an anonymous backup quarterback and more implying he's a superstar. What do you do with that if you're general manager Rick Spielman? Do you offer him a Tyrod Taylor can read option work nfl trade deal in which the Vikings can read option work nfl trade get out of the deal after one year if Keenum reverts to form?

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