Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)

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Commodity trading specialists negotiate and arrange the purchase or sale of raw materials such as coffee, electricity, natural gas, livestock, gold or other types of physical goods. Through extensive research, commodity traders obtain up-to-date information about market conditions, communicate with their clients about the sale and purchase of specific commodities and ensure settlement guarantees.

Also known as commodity brokers, there are many types of commodity traders who specialize in a wide range of specific commodities. Salary varies from person to person based on commodity trading skills, industry knowledge, expertise, and experience. The main goal of a commodity broker is ultimately to make money for clients. While the role varies based on the specialization in question, the responsibilities of a commodity trader are likely to include:. Commodity brokers typically come from a range of different backgrounds, however, an understanding of the technical aspects of trading and complex financial topics is essential.

Additionally, commodity trading requires an interest in trading business and trading markets, as well as the ability to perform well under stressful conditions. A Commodity Trader also should possess the following skills:. By using this website you agree to the use of cookies. Commodity Trading Jobs Latest jobs Subscribe. Competitive Description Front office market risk position for leading commodity trading house working across energy and gas products in London Front office market risk role.

Grains Trading — Asia. Wheat, barley, soybeans, corn etc Agricultural commodities, Singapore: Competitive Description We are currently working with a substantial commodities agri-trading and food business, based in Singapore, who are seeking a self-motivated trader of grains trading to Senior Options Market Maker Job type: This individual will be.

Location; Asia-focus — Dubai: Senior Traffic Operator — Miami Job type: Trade finance Manager, Commodity firm, Singapore based Job type: