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Dbi Wish we could see wages for the current pay period but that is the only draw back. Frustrating The app is missing the ability to view and approve time sheets. This is a major flaw.

Where I work if you don't approve your time sheet you get a letter from the dayforce trading options. My home computer is broken and since my tablet doesn't run silverlight I can't approve my time sheets.

This should be an easy feature to add to the app. The location dayforce trading options not very good on this app keeps telling you. That you are in a whole nother state when you're not. Every time you clock out for lunch it clocks you out automatically please fix please fix need to be fixed please do it. The app was great when it was working. The last several updates have killed what used to be a super useful app.

I can't access my timesheets as of the latest update. A fix is needed ASAP!! App has been giving an error for the past month have sent in several emails for tech support no fix no giving. Asks for too many permissions for info on my phone. Why do you dayforce trading options access to my photos, contacts, etc? Eliminates all that extra paperwork.

Only problem dayforce trading options the limited things you can access unless launching from a desktop or laptop. Otherwise I'm very happy with it. Good working app Never had a problem with this app. Always able to dayforce trading options my work schedule without issue.

I never had a problem with this app til now. I dayforce trading options not able to access my timesheets. I have a Samsung S8, there shouldn't be any issues. This problem needs to be fixed ASAP! I can't seem to reset my password and my boss can't reset it for me either. How can I reset it?? Or how can my boss? Makes work so much easier having your schedule on you at all times.

Every business should use this app. Its good but it's missing a few options When trying to switch dayforce trading options the extensions, which aren't always part of the shift, sometimes prevent shift trades. This would be awesome if it were a soft schedule for the extensions to allow trade requests.

Also there is not currently an option to indefinitely change availability. Only a weekly availability change is allowed. I haven't come across any other problems yet. Could be better I dayforce trading options see coworkers schedules to know who is available to change shifts. Logging in every time is super annoying.

Push notifications would be very helpful. I think it's way too easy to get locked out of for something that requires you to change passwords as often as it does, that makes it not as user-friendly. Maybe a "forgot your password" button or a password hint option might improve this - this is not coming from an elderly person who can't remember her password, it just asks me to reset it that often.

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