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What You Should Know. Choosing Your Boat Lift. Contact Us For Drive options. Choosing the right gear for you. We offer both Flat Plate units which require greasing and enclosed units do not require greasing. Please consider that the boatlift itself top beam bearings and cradle bearings will still require a grease gun and greasing, even if an enclosed gear drive is installed.

At the completion of your project, Honc will provide you drive options the service manual for your Dolphin Boatlift which will describe the drive options greasing process. Even though the greasing process is very simple and straight forward, some homeowners prefer to hire a boatlift service company, such as Crocker Boatlift Service, to perform the regular maintenance on the lift.

This is the most common gear used throughout the boatlift industry in Southwest Florida. Chances are you can look up and down your canal and see many Flat Plate Gears installed drive options your neighboring homes. This gear drive has been installed for drive options 50 years. The biggest advantage this unit has is that it is drive options most economical unit to purchase and almost every part on the unit can be replaced.

Basically, you can work on it and fix it inexpensively. Basic greasing with a simple grease gun is required. Many of these gear drives can be found throughout southwest Drive options, still in use, that are over 30 years old. This is our preferred unit, and can be installed on lifts from 7, lbs. This gear is referred to as the Direct Drive Gear.

It does not have a belt drive options pulley system. It is a sealed unit that does drive options require any greasing, and has a faster lifting speed than the Flat Plate Gear. This gear features a compact and attractive design, and drive options utilized on boatlift up to 12, lbs. This gear is drive options Enclosed Belt Driven Gear.

The great feature of this gear is that it has an oil bath lubrication system, which does not require greasing. It is belt driven, which allows the unit to be easily serviced and worked on.

This unit will be a long lasting and is also the fastest gear we offer. It is smaller in size and appearance than the Flat Plate gear and is installed on lifts up to 12, lbs.

The E Drive unit is drive options enclosed and sealed gear drive system that can be utilized on boatlifts up to 25, lbs. The luxury of this drive options is that it does not require regular greasing.

It has an enclosed design with an oil bath lubrication system.

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Major considerations are whether the route would be scenic at this time of the year, and whether roads will be drivable. I know Swiss rail system is awesome, but I prefer 4 wheels over anything. Thus, if there is any other route in Switzerland or Austria for that matter that is more suitable by these two dimensions scenic beauty and drivability , pls share.

Will be much appreciated. Your latter suggested route is more likely to be trouble free. Of course, the Brunig Pass gets quite heavy on weekends. I have always taken the train, but there are mountain views. Mostly, on that overall route from Bern you would see the Alps from a distance. Not really close up Alpine scenery. If you wish to drive from Basel to Lugano in November, the high mountain passes will mostly be closed due to snow.

Most all of them close in October:. Two common routes from Basel through Switzerland to Lugano would either be to drive through the lower altitudes to Luzern, then south to and over the Gotthard Pass. Or, the alternative is to drive to Bern, then Spiez and take the car train inside a tunnel over the Lotschberg, to Goppenstein, and down to Brig, drive followed by the Simplon Pass and a drive at lower altitudes in Italy.

I don't know the details of the route after Brig. There is a car train. The drive up from Spiez to the loading station at Kandersteg is a nice mountain valley with some good views. For the Gotthard - The best scenery over the old pass route would be risky if it is even open in early or mid November. The weather can change rapidly in the Alps and snow and ice would be a potential problem.

The lower altitude tunnel with the modern highway would be open, but, the inside of that tunnel is not very scenic, so you would see mostly the approach roads set into the valleys, rather than the view from the peaks. In November, you could have sunny days, but clouds and fog would be more likely. By December, Winter weather sets in, and there can be many days with fog at low levels as you note as there were in early December last year, or the typical Central European cloud deck above a few hundred meters.

The Swiss get their sunshine by going up over meters, above the deck, but they do it by train and mountain transport in the ski regions. I have attached a couple of pictures taken in mid-December in , showing fog that persisted for weeks. I have not done a lot of Alpine driving in Switzerland, other than in the Summer months.

I'd not like to do it in the Winter, when snow ice on the roads could make the driving either treacherous or impossible. At high altitudes, November is essential a Winter month. By the way, when you drive the high Alpine pass roads, thepassengers get all the views. The driver is busy working hard to follow the twist and turns, and has little time to look around.

Sign up to receive our newsletter and the latest forum messages. The best way to prepare for your trip! Swiss Alps experts since Plan your trip About Switzerland. Traveling to Switzerland Traveling in Switzerland Rail passes. Scenic drive options in Switzerland in November?

All threads in 'Switzerland miscellaneous'. Create an account to receive an e-mail when someone replies to this thread. This thread is closed. Oct 3, - Oct 4, - The weather is quite changeable as one goes into Winter. Be sure to check this: Suggestions for scenic driving holidays. Oct 4, - 1: Am planning to do it in 2nd week of November. Should I expect to see some jaw dropping scenery, or will it be mostly foggy?

Last modified on Oct 4, - 2: Oct 4, - 7: Most all of them close in October: To predict the weather successfully in detail this far in advance is not really possible. I'd take the train - such as the Glacier Express: Oct 4, - 9: More information like this. Swiss tips in your mailbox Sign up to receive our newsletter and the latest forum messages. Get a customized itinerary for your trip Let Swiss travel consultants create a customized itinerary. They will book your entire trip. Sitemap Terms and conditions.