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However there's not too much information on how foreigners can set up a company here. In this piece we'll try to explain how to do it. Limited liability companies have share capital that is divided into shares. Shareholders are not not personally liable for the company's obligations. A private limited company is liable for its obligations with its total assets. A limited liability company must have a board that represents and directs the company.

It can have one or several members that don't have to be shareholders. These are also called "one euro SIAs" and are a popular way of setting up a company in Latvia with very little investment. It must be set up by individuals as opposed to another legal entity. A company like this can have up to five founding members. Another limitation is that shareholders must be board members too. You can provide half the share capital initially, and give the rest at a later date, within the first year of setting up.

Once your SIA is registered you can start issuing and receiving invoices, and paying yourself a salary. The micro enterprise tax regime - Companies that register as micro enterprises Latvian: You can register as a payer of the micro enterprise tax while setting up your company more on that below. However these companies have fewer restrictions, the most important of which is probably the lack of a salary ceiling. Startup - Latvia recently introduced several significant tax rebates and state aid for hiring employees for so-called "startup" companies.

This is a brand new initiative, so quite how it will pan out remains to be seen. Each company gets assigned an EU-compliant VAT registration number, which is the same as its registry number, but with the prefix 'LV'. To set up a company, you have to fill out a number of forms, all of which are available at the Enterprise Register website. You will need someone to translate sorry!

The sample forms include directions for people who weren't born in Latvia, so if any of your Latvian-speaking friends have experience in commerce - you're in luck. There are several companies specialising in helping foreigners set up companies -- but check out their reputation to make sure they are business helpers, not offshoring operations.

Other documents include a page stating the number of shares in the company and their ownership. There's also a document that states the legal address of the company. It requires permission from the owner of the property if it's not you. However, in this case the application can only be signed using the eID card.

To obtain one you have to be a citizen or have a residence permit, which is a bit of a Catch situation. Latvia has no equivalent of Estonia's "e-residency" scheme. Setting up a bank account for your company is very easy and fast. You can set up an account at any bank and pay in the initial share capital right away. The bank will set up a temporary business bank account for you, together with a notification about the amount you've paid in.

Most, if not all, banks will be happy to set up a meeting with an English-speaking business adviser, and many also provide English-language telephone and online banking services. Compared to many other countries, you are likely to be pleasantly surprised by how modern and efficient Latvian banks are -- there's no waiting three days for a check to clear because no-one uses checks! With luck, you have all your documents on hand. After paying the fees for setting up a business and publishing the information in Latvia's official state bulletin, your company will be registered in a few days' time.

Don't worry -- it's a lot less painless than it sounds and, once the language issue has been taken care of, you are likely to be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to set up a business here.

After a few days the Enterprise Register will reply concerning the registration of your new company. If all goes well, it's time to find customers and clients for your new Latvian enterprise. It is used for signing documents like changing statutes and can potentially save you visits to the Enterprise Register.

It is handy for other things too, such as changing your declared address if you have a residency permit. Read more about the electronic signature for businesses. Choose your type of business 2. Set up a bank account 4.

Submit forms at the Enterprise Registry 5. Enjoy doing business in Latvia! FAQ for foreigners Useful links 1. SIA in a nutshell Limited liability companies have share capital that is divided into shares. Setting up a SIA: Related articles Business Explainer. Guide to collecting your very own birch sap.

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Working lunch restaurant in central Riga. The restaurant is tastefully decorated, equipped with modern kitchen facilities and high-quality ventilation.

Successful diet and appropriate pricing policies provide a solid customer flows and good profits. Working company with 20 year experience in turned metal parts manufacturing. Company owns all necessary equipment including automatic lathes, mills, drills etc. Wide range of customers, with cooperation over many years. Company has no debt. Possible funding for acquisition and development.

Working company for more than 10 years, produces wide range of pastries. Company has not only wholesale buyers, but also owns 2 retail stores in Riga. Working souvenir shop in the heart of Old Riga. Working for 5 years and has become very popular and liked not only by tourists, but locals as well. It is sold with all equipment and goods held in stock, which consists of traditional wooden souvenirs and other memorabilia. The total area is sq.

A loan is available for the acquisition and construction of the object. Flowers and ornamental plants trading company ID: Operating company in Riga, which is the exclusive dealer sells Latvian legal basis to a specific technology-treated flowers and ornamental plants. Special processing ensures that the plants retain their natural freshness for several years without any additional care. With the company's designer assistance are being developed this plant and flower arrangements that ensure the principle of non-waste activity.

Beauty salon in Riga ID: Sale of new beauty salon in the center of Riga. Salon is located in rented premises with a small rent a good quality room furnishings and installed modern equipment. Inside, it employs highly qualified specialists to ensure its popularity among customers and stable earnings performance.

Operating beauty salon in Riga with specialization in the skin care services. Salon is located in the center of Riga, in rented premises. Long-term lease agreement with a relatively small rents. For sale urgently, due to the owner of the change of residence. Euro pallet manufacturing company ID: Certified euro pallets production company km from Riga. Sales price includes real estate, modern and energy-efficient kilns as well as the euro-automated production line and other assets.

The factory is in full working order and provided with adequately trained staff. Power now reached up to 1, pallets per day. For many years, working confectionery manufacturing company in Riga with its own wholesale and retail networks. Sales price includes certified according to real estate - production workshop, all fixed assets and equipment. The company's production facilities and capacity allows to increase both the product mix, as well as production.

All buildings, land under buildings and fixed assets owned by company. All trading venues have relevant FVS and municipal permits, including draft alcohol trade license after Will be sold without debt. Sells a fully equipped and operating enterprise for processing and preserving of fruits and vegetables ID: Sells a fully equipped and operating enterprise for processing and preserving of fruits and vegetables with a powerful tunnel of shock freezing and volumetric freezers.

A license for alcohol production is available. The current owner, if necessary, can be held for future economic activity. Stone processing company ID: More than 20 years working stone processing company in Lithuania. The company owns all the necessary appropriately equipped production facilities and the land on which they stand. Boulders are sawn and milled up to 4 meters in diameter with modern and powerful equipment, including engraving by computer management.

Main products - tombstones and the like, and the largest market is Latvia. Metal processing plant in Riga ID: For many years successfully working metalworking company in Riga. The company owns all the buildings and the land on which they stand. Thermal conductivity is a powerful and advanced equipment and are produced in a variety of metal products on order. There are several stable customers who place their orders since the company's inception.

Possible financing for the purchase and development. For development prepared turf bog ID: Development of turf bog in Lithuania prepared hectares turf with a total stock of around 4. Has received all the necessary permits extraction of turf and 90 hectares of mining can be undertaken immediately. There is also all the necessary equipment and facilities for packaging. Organic agricultural product production company ID: Successfully working in the farm, which operates close to 1, hectares of land in Latvia.

For all this occupied land area payments are received. Farm grown organic meat cattle and crops. Sales price includes all land, buildings, livestock, as well as all the necessary agricultural machinery. Main products - tombstones and the like, and the largest market is Latvia Metal processing plant in Riga ID: There is also all the necessary equipment and facilities for packaging Organic agricultural product production company ID: