Featureless AR-15 Rifle: Grips, Stocks, and Muzzle Devices

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Finally getting an ar again But I'm going featureless How many other people have decided to go the featureless route with the upcoming BB ban? I don't want my name on any registered assault weapon list and decided to trade a gun for an ar15 that another calgunner is graciously featureless ar options trading featureless to my specifications Who else is going to end up going the featureless route to get around all this new legislation?

I personally can't handle it and still want to own an ar And I like being able to use available BCG's. I always went the featureless route. My only concern with going featureless is after the registration closes and they ban all semi-autos with removable magazines. Then what are my options? Did Exile Machine just troll the tread?! Yes, go featureless route, still has the one feature you need and have a right to.

Impossible to predict future. Maybe another round of registration required AW v. Would you guys quit making threads on "work arounds!? They'll have another registration period for those. I hear Moe is writing up a bill to ban wrist rockets next but not the oldy time "Y" slingshots Featureless ar options trading be so sure of that.

After the first ban they didn't reopen registration. What makes you think that the featureless way won't just get forced out? Each ban they had, they had a registration period, first AW ban, featureless ar options trading had a registration period, this BB ban, we have a registration period. If they ban featureless rifles, based on what they have done for the first two bans, they will have another registration period, it would not be re opening the current ban for registration, it would be another class of weapons to include, M1A, Mini's M1 carbines, featureless rifles.

My wife and I are also trying to save up and leave this state. Featureless ar options trading are both Cali natives but can't handle living in the political atmosphere that is California I hate it here now. Good weather is nice and all By freedom beats weather every day of the week You know, "they" will have your serial number when you do the DROS You put duct tape over the thing that goes up. It has no grip, magazine or trigger and shoots rubber bullets. They ban featureless with detachable mags, then they essentially ban all semiauto rifles.

I think if that were to happen, they would open registration period for all featureless rifles out there. But of course, don't take my word for it: You wouldnt have any idea.

Did you guys print anymore of the miad back fins? I want to try it out. I got an email this morning saying they were in but they were gone again. If featureless gets banned at some point in the future I'll convert it to a side charging single shot.

The way I shoot it won't really be affected. So Janone will not be able to buy AR15s if I am correct. Does that include not being able to build one?

Sorry, I ordered one of the fresh batch. It's the thing that will convert you from a hundredaire to a thousandaire in I didn't buy the perfect shooting platform, the AR, just so I could muck it up with featureless parts that alter its handling characteristics.

The perfect shooting platform doesn't have a bullet button! This scheme sure looks like the state is giving you permission to pay for and use their rifle. You need to give it back when they want it. I'd rather go featureless. You just contradicted yourself: Not having select-fire and having a bullet button installed has already ruined your "perfect shooting platform". Full auto was fun but impossible to maintain any decent accuracy; 3 shot burst however is both fun and accurate.

Isn't it more than just the serial number after Everything make, model, and caliber to, right? I'm thinking of registering one, but I don't want to give them the satisfaction of even one.

They would have to open registration again, and then not only ARs would be the victim, even M1As, mini14s, etc would all have to be considered assault weapons. At that point, you still would have the same choice. Maybe the armaglock would be the only option then. Or if they come up with something else. They didn't reopen registration because there was no need.

What were people supposed to register? The ones that are banned by name were banned no matter what. And the OLL, bullet buttons and featureless didn't exist back then to even featureless ar options trading another ban like they just did. I tried a grip fin featureless ar and it feels fine. Thinking those complaining either never tried one or need to put the perfect outfits featureless ar options trading their barbie dolls: Not just the LOP, but the way my right hand featureless ar options trading the stock and all that.

I can't imagine using one of those featureless ar options trading things behind a regular pistol grip. Picked up a new BB and an ambidextrous safety as well.

And with the nasty evil thing that screws onto the front of the barrel being called a "Muzzle Climb Miitigator" by DD with zero reference of flashI'm good to go there as well. And all my mags are P-Mag 10's to not call attention to them.

It certainly looks different, featureless ar options trading it's actually kinda cool and no BB and no register. Of course, though, I'm keeping all the old featureless ar options trading. You naturally want to grip, but you can't. I'm sure it gets better over time. I tried a grip wrap on a BB ar15 of mine that I planned on going featureless with, but ditched the idea. I couldn't handle not having a firm grill on the gun Now that the frs15 stock is a real thing, and feels somewhat like a real rifle stock With a high cheek riser.

I personally love the idea Featureless ar options trading traded my S. Loaded 9mm for it built on quality parts so it's truely a fair trade and they guy is converting featureless ar options trading gun from a BB gun to featureless for me and ordering me the Frs stock and installing it before we do featureless ar options trading transfer Gotta love anybody who is willing to go out of his way to Make a trade happen that makes both parties happy.

And, if that case were to be before SCOTUS right now, it's entirely possible it would be a draw featureless ar options trading the lower court ruling would stand - which would likely be from the 9th Circuit. Given their treatment of Peruta I would not rely on them to find a constitutional right to possess semiautomatic firearms.

With the exception of Scalia's time on the bench, the court has not shown a lot of interest in exploring the second amendment for the last several decades. I've decided I'm going to go featureless, but I'm procrastinating on which components to featureless ar options trading for converting.

I'm also finding that as I begin to look at what's available, quite a few products are sold out. I was thinking featureless ar options trading if the deadline comes and I still haven't done the conversion, I could simply dismantle the rifle and then rebuild featureless ar options trading featureless when the dust has settled, components become plentiful, and perhaps even new items come on market.

Is anyone else considering this? I haven't bought a rifle after I featureless ar options trading looked at all my "old" DROS papers Longgun" and that's it. Ode the good ole days I tried the cheek riser on their tube cover and it put my head too high for a good sight picture. It's really made for rifles with handles and really high sights or optics.

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