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Thanks for github sassnodesass bindings to libsasscom who provided valuable feedback and contributed in development. Dropped method-style callback in favour of node-style option: API returns Buffer output as opposed to String.

The input, output and map paths are resolved against current-working-directory before passing to libsass. This fixes github sassnodesass bindings to libsasscom issues with invalid paths in source-maps. Implemented by Github sassnodesass bindings to libsasscom via Also, see the related issue: This alpha version is not published to npm, but npm has the ability to figure out if you are requiring the GitHub release.

For more information, see https: With this release the I xzyfer have become the new project lead for node-sass. I want to thank am11 and the previous projects for their incredible work making node-sass what it is. I can only hope to do their work justice. Check out the 3. This release wouldn't be possible without the hard work of am11, andyshora, paulcpederson, saper, and xzyfer.

This has been superseded by v3. The release you've all been waiting for! This is a beta release for the upcoming LibSass 3. As always we want to thank our beloved contributors who breathe life into this piece of code. Without your contributions we wouldn't be where we are today. Also a big thanks to the LibSass team and their contributors for their work! We am11, saper, xzyfer hope you all will enjoy this release: JTKnox91, cvibhagool, kylecho and everyone who opened issues.

This beta release has github sassnodesass bindings to libsasscom latest LibSass beta which fixes some regressions discovered by our beta testers. We're releasing this beta for the upcoming v3. Please test this out and file any issue with Sass compilation. We've bumped LibSass to Delorean, check their changelog for the juicy details. After some incredible debugging and investigation by am11 and saper we believe we have addressed the Window XP runtime errors.

Checkout the LibSass changelog. Get notified when your dependencies have security vulnerabilities and out-dated dependencies in your application. Bower node-sass Versions All versions Version Release date 0. Fixed an issue where npm would try to compile a binary even if there already is one available. Cleaner detection of bindings with better error handling djanowski, Added renderFile function aexmachina, Bugfixes: Dependencies bump adamyeats, Available on NPM: Fixed error when passing force option to middleware Available on NPM: Updated to latest libsass Source map support arian, added ENV option to skip the build tests github sassnodesass bindings to libsasscom, Bugfixes: Handle CLI errors better and use correct exit codes arian, Fixed renderSync path error on windows LaurentGoderre, Changed order of terminal commands for binaries rebuilding kamilogorek, Misc: Reworked managing of pre-compiled binaries nschonni, Added prefix option to middleware fetz, Bugfix: Fixed bug where CLI interace interferes when requiring node-sass kkirby, Reverted render change to avoid async race conditions LaurentGoderre, Misc: Fixed regression with --include-path in cli arian, Available on NPM: Improved command line interface arian, Misc: Updated windows binaries masterbee, Available on NPM: Fixed includePaths regression introduced in v0.

Updated libsass to support placeholders. Fixed install issue on Mac OS X. Updated to latest libsass with support for filters and imports. Improved command line interface Try to rebuild on all platforms, not just mac Add support for debug information comment output. Fixing up some memory leakage. Updated Libsass to 2. Support for passing a precision option to libsassjohnobe Updated libsass to 2.

Updated to latest libsass 0aa andrew, https: Omit source mapping url from output file am11, Allow piping form stdin and to stdout in CLI deepak, kevva,Added --version option to CLI andrew, https: Don't write to disk with github sassnodesass bindings to libsasscom blopker, Update devDependencies watilde, Use cross-spawn in tests for Windows compatibility kevva, Available on NPM: Updated borked mac binary assert imagePath type am11, Don't write to stdout if --output is specified kevva, Misc: No changes from v1.

Updated to support Libsass 3. Republished to fix issues on linux installs Available on NPM: Recently changes to test structure was breaking installation. Uses different strategy to test bins status, github sassnodesass bindings to libsasscom install issues on windows am11, Misc: Cleanup tests kevva, Available on NPM: Its a breaking change.

Rebuilt binaries for windows and linux to ease install issues. Use meow instead of yargs kevva, Available on NPM: Welcome to node-sass pre-release: It can return result synchronously or asynchronously. Both node-sass and libsass version info is now displayed via code usage: In rendererror callback now emits object with column info. The node-sass API is overhauled, which presents some breaking changes: Use renderSync which accept filedata or both.

You may find some abnormal behavior, when throttling simultaneous requests when using importers. In which case, please open an issue with detailed, tangible reproduction steps as I could not isolate the code from our bug suite which is the source of this misbehaviour.

We revoke this condition, as tests are not passing on Linux. On Github sassnodesass bindings to libsasscom they pass intermittently due to the aforementioned throttling issue. Note that issue is still unresolved. This release fixes some bugs discovered in install script.

Welcome to node-sass v2. Treat source-map as string for CLI: This is a pre release. Better support for io. Binaries downloadable from custom URL. Binaries are now uploaded as release assets, which used to be hosted via node-sass-binaries repo release. Throws github sassnodesass bindings to libsasscom on invalid return type. Provides support for array of importers. Adds support for Custom Functions. Changes --watch flag Boolean by wesleytodd. Sets --recursive flag default to true by wesleytodd.

Originally implemented by saper, This was previously removed due to the bug in npm. Formatting fixes by tomfuertes. Configurable linefeed github sassnodesass bindings to libsasscom matryo Issue URL: Provide options to configure linefeed by am11 Issue URL: Reverts Build with unbundled LibSass.

Build with unbundled LibSass. Fixes bugreported by benpptung. Thanks mgreter for suggesting the idea. Installation npm install node-sass 2. Adds pangyp as primary dependency. Github sassnodesass bindings to libsasscom the new io.

This is the 3. News With this release the I xzyfer have become the new project lead for node-sass. Installation npm install node-sass beta Changelog Libsass We've updated to latest libSass release.

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As such, it is a filtered and reviewed list based on priority and potential effect. Each item summarizes the problem and includes any known workarounds, along with a link to the GitHub issue (if applicable).

This could potentially crash the application on some platforms.