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Honduras - - Miscellaneous circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc. Honduras - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Honduras - - Law, Act. Honduras - - International agreement. Se establece que el derecho a percibir rentas o pensiones es imprescriptible. Asimismo establece el Registro nacional de cooperativas. Consta de tres libros: Honduras - - Constitution.

Solo las organizaciones sindicales y otras instituciones sin fin lucrativo debidamente reconocidas, pueden servir como intermediarias en gestiones de alistamiento de marinos. Establece el procedimiento que debe seguir el interesado en prestar servicios a bordo. Convenio de seguridad social Dado en Tegucigalpa. El texto de la ley del seguro social ha sido publicado en la Serie Legislativa, Hon.

Los celadores, cuidadores, serenos y vigilantes o wachimanes no se consideran empleados de confianza y quedan sujetos a las disposiciones legales sobre jornadas ordinarias y extraordinarias de trabajo. Se refiere al despido arts. Contrato de trabajo T. Jornadas, descansos y salarios T. Conflictos colectivos de trabajo T. Incluye disposiciones sobre las prestaciones en caso de enfermedad no profesional, maternidad, riesgos profesionales, invalidez, vejez y supervivencia. Hungary - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance.

The Governmental Regulation no. Designation of the authority providing vocational training 2. The responsibilities of horas de negociacion de la opcion vxx authority 3. The Regulation set up minimum wage for part and full time work, paid on a basis of monthly, weekly or hourly rates.

Regulation differentiates also the level of minimum salary on the basis of education. Provisions a are effective first of January and b 01 January Hungary - - Law, Act. Day of Social Work Act CXLV of to amend certain employment laws. Amendments to the Act IV of on the promotion of employment and the provision in favor of unemployed persons: Amendments to the Act X of on Cooperatives: Amendments to the Act CVI of on public employment and related matters: The Governmental Decree no.

Amendment to the Governmental Decree no. Compliance with the law of the European Union Article 5. Scholarships for students participating in the Vocational Bridge Program 2. Supplementary allowance for teachers participating in the Vocational Bridge Program 3. Required support, accounting and auditing 4. The Regulation sets standards for an individual Action plan for jobseekers. The Plan shall contain job targets, as well as programs horas de negociacion de la opcion vxx services offered by employment office.

The Plan shall take into account the labour market situation, jobseekers' qualifications and experience, and is to be followed up by a performance evaluation.

Regulation of the Minister of National Economy no. Vocational training curricula 3. Rules for application of vocational training curricula 4. Regulation of the Prime Minister no. Regulation of the Minister of Defense no. Tasks of the Authority 3.

Procedural rules for the deployment of labor inspections 4. Specific rules applied to Section 3 and Section 6 5. Obligation to notify defense employers 6. Amendment to the Act IV of on the promotion of employment and introducing provisions in favor of unemployed persons: Amendment to the Act No. Amendment to the Laws on regulating the Education: The traveling special pedagogical, and conductor network 4.

Management of the Institution 5. Classification by job and rank. Regulation of the Minister of National Economy No. Aid for adult education 3. The rules and application process for adult and vocational training aid funds 4. Specific rules for the application procedure 5. Special rules for grants granted under the specific decision-making process 6. Remuneration for medalists of WorldSkills and EuroSkills 7. Control of grand awarding 8. Degrees of promotion of state officials and public administration agents and horas de negociacion de la opcion vxx salaries lower and upper limits.

Amendment to the Labour Code: Entry into force 4. Act XXVI of to amend some social and child protection issues and certain laws affecting persons with reduced working capacity. Amendment to the Act III of horas de negociacion de la opcion vxx social administration and benefits: Amendment to the Act CXCI of amending various laws and benefits pertaining to a change in working capability: Amendment to the section: General provisions Chapter II. General requirements for work equipment and its use 1.

General requirements for work equipment 2. General requirements for the use of work equipment Chapter III. Requirements for special work equipment and its use: Additional requirements for moving work equipment and its use 4. Extension requirements for the heavy lifting work and its use 5.

Temporary work equipment at high altitude work and additional requirements for its use Chapter IV. Regulation replaces annex 2: The valorisation coefficients to be used for the calculation of earnings and incomes. Regulation of the Minister of Human Resources No.

The Regulation amends below parts: Supporting the children at night added Nursery care Common provisions regarding nursery and mini nursery Special provisions on the nursery Special provisions for the mini nursery Workplace nursery Family nursery Daycare Babysitting Alternative daytime care. Hungary - - International agreement. Issue of 'work and holiday' permissions 2. Entry, stay and working conditions 3. Request for documents and repatriation of nationals 4. Commencement and duration 7.

Decree establishes horas de negociacion de la opcion vxx obligatory minimum wage and a guaranteed minimum wage. Effective January the scope of the decree covers all employers and employees. Repeals the Governmental Decree on the obligatory minimum wage and guaranteed minimum wage Text Horas de negociacion de la opcion vxx. The Government Regulation No. The recipients register 3.

The national reporting system 4. Data provision of persons awaiting benefits 5. Act incorporate various amendments to the below legislation deriving from Public Procurement Act adopted in Amendments horas de negociacion de la opcion vxx the Act No. Amendments to the Act: Amendments to the Act CLV on the protection of classified information 9.

Amendments to the Act on investment related to the maintenance of the NPP capacity for the year

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