Insert Retrive Binary Data in mysql using PDO & PHP

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We were trying to get rid of this problem for 3 days now with no success. The problem is that we can't read that array back AFTER we load the bytearray to the mysql working with binary data insert, it's either corrupted or I don't know what else happens there, but we cannot read it correctly anymore.

But if we store the array to the blob by our program not directly from phpmyadmin - we cannot read it for some reason. We just get "QPixmap null ". We tried a loooot of ways, reinstalling the program, the database, recompiling the MySQL drivers, a lot of different ways of reading the image QImage, File, with buffer and without, etc and no success. Looks like it doesn't store the array into blob properly Would be very thankful for help!

Code snippets in attachment. Windows 10 Added after 1 45 minutes: Take a look at the screenshot please. To the left you can see the image that we tried to upload through our program, to the right - through the DB.

As you can see, the database doesn't also recognize our array as an image. What might be the problem? This were two exact the same images. The problem mysql working with binary data insert be that you are trying to insert binary data into a text string. IMO you should encode it in e. Going via QPixmap may result in the image being stored with different metadata or compressed differently when saved to the buffer Mysql working with binary data insert that you already have the image in a file and you only wish mysql working with binary data insert store it there really is no need to go via QPixmap and QBuffer at all.

This code works with a Mysql mediumblob. This code worked out for usthough we have already tried working through the file, but I guess we didn't read it through the file!

Will try implementing this in our program, Biggest Thanks to you! Will keep you informed Added after 32 minutes: Damn, for some reason it doesn't work in our program. The same problem occurs I think the only way to understand what happens is to upload our project here breaking binary fake payouts and returns you can see the whole process.

Added after 34 minutes: Would be VERY thankful if someone could take a look and say what is the problem I ran your code in my environment using Qt 5. Both produced the issue you complain of: As wysota suggested, it appears the binary data has been treated as character data at some point: The original PNG file mysql working with binary data insert with the standard 8 byte header: That code point is used to substitute for a part of string that is invalid in the encoding being used to interpret it.

The database you are connected to is set by the QSqlDatabase connection you use and need not be specified again. Removing the "USE test;" from both statements makes the code behave. I can only think that the switch of connection caused by "USE", or the compound statement itself confused the Qt bindValue or Mysql, or both.

Thank you, this is what fixed our problem now You are a Man among men .

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This document contains answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about MySQL. They're all good questions, but they come up often enough that substantial net bandwidth can be saved by looking here first before asking. The latest version of this FAQ can be found at http: The primary document is the TeXInfo file. The HTML version is automatically produced with texi2html.

The Postscript version is produced using texi2dvi and divps. Requests to be added or dropped from the MySQL list should be sent to the electronic mail address mdomo tcx. Sending a one line message saying either subscribe mysql or un-subscribe mysql will suffice.

If your reply address is not valid you may use subscribe mysql your address. Please do not send mail about [un]subscribing to mysql tcx. Your local site may have many subscribers to MySQL. In that case, it may have a local mailing list, so that a single message from tcx. In this case please contact your system administrator to be added to or dropped from the local MySQL list. Before you ask a question of the mailing list it's a good idea to check in the manual. If you can't find an answer in the manual, check with your local MySQL expert.

If you don't have any luck there, read through this FAQ. If you still don't have an answer to your question go ahead and send mail to mysql tcx. If you can use the mysqlbug script that you can find in the scripts directory in the distribution. Othervise remember to specify if relevant:.

When answers are sent to you individually and not to the mailing list, it is considered good etiquette to summarize the answers and mail them to the mailing list. Try to make your answer broad enough that people other than the original poster may benefit from it. If you consider your answer to have broad interest, you may want to post it to the mailing list instead of replying directly to the individual who asked. In this case, please make sure that your answer is not a duplication of a previous answer.

Try to summarize the essential part of the question in your reply, but don't feel obliged to quote the whole question.

After some testing we came to the conclusion that mSQL wasn't fast or flexible enough. This API was choosed to encourage code sharing. Where the name MySQL comes from is not perfectly clear.

Our base directory and lots of librarys and tools has had the prefix my for well over 10 years. But Monty's daughter some years younger are also named My. So there the names comes from is not perfectly clear. You can always check http: Or ftp to ftp: The code is always the ultimate manual.

The source distribution also contains more tests and examples. But tcx's binary release is not compiled in the same way as the source release so some differences in where support files are located exist. We use the software ourselves primarily on Solaris currently 2. A working Posix thread library is needed for the server. This can be used for some operating systems that doesn't have posix threads. We have alose tried to use another user level thread package named FSU Pthreads see http: This didn't work with MySQL because of problems with the implementations.

English default , Germany and Swedish. Each minor patch made will increment the last number in the version string. When there is new features or minor incompatibilities with previous versions the second number in the version string will get incremented. Unireg takes about 3M of disk space and works on at least the following platforms: But all the isam source can be found in MySQL. Usually we compile the binary for the customer at their site.

For normal use MySQL costs nothing. When you sell MySQL directly or as a part of another product you have to pay for it. The client access part of MySQL is in the public domain. A licence includes really basic support. This means that we are trying to answer any relevant question.

If you discover what we consider a real bug, we are likely to fix it in any case. But if you pay for support we will notify you about the fix status instead of just fixing it in a later release.

More comprehensive support will be sold separately. We are working on payment by credit card but that will take a some time. Se the contact information. Payment should be made to: In europe and japan you can use EuroGiro that should be cheaper to the same account.

For commercial licensing or if you have any questions about any of the information in this document, please contact:. You may not include MySQL "free" in a package containing anything for which a charge is being made exept as noted below.

The intent of the exception provided in the second clause is to allow commercial organizations operating an FTP server or a bulletin board to distribute MySQL freely from it, provided that:. Commercial licenses involve a payment, and include support and other benefits. Does one of us owe you money if my customer choses to use MySQL?

If MySQL just added some new features it should fall inside normal use. For example is using MySQL added logging to a database instead of a text file it should not require a licence.

This would of course mean that the user has to fetch and install MySQL by himself. No you are not selling MySQL itself. But is this case we would like you to purchase MySQL support. That is either your support of MySQL or our support of you the later is more expensive since our time is limited. Also all copyright notices in the relevant files will be changed to the GPL. The following column types are supported: Can be a part of a key.

Takes 1 byte 8 bits. Takes 2 bytes 16 bits. Takes 3 bytes 24 bits. INT A normal integer. Takes 4 bytes 32 bits. Takes 8 bytes 64 bits. Currently the same range maximum range as a double. Has a range of 1 Dec kl 0. Will be automaticly updated if not used in a statement that updates a row or if set to NULL. Note that if you have many timestamp fields in a row, then only the first timestamp field will be automaticly updated. Any timestamp field will be set to the current time if set to NULL.

DATE A type to store date information. Understand at least the following syntaxes: Range to TIME A type to store time information. SS" syntax, but may be updated with a number or a string. Takes the same amount of space in the table.

Maximum range characters. Can NOT be a key. Max length characters 8 bits length. BLOB A binary object that is stored with its length. Max length characters 16 bits length. Max length characters 24 bits length.

Range characters 32 bits length. A BLOB is a binary large object which can hold any amount of data: There are some constraints because of the message buffer used. The default size of the buffer is 64K for the server and K for the clients.