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Many people wrongly believe that you need a website to become an affiliate partner. Although most affiliate promotion is carried out online through purpose designed websites, you could, in theory, stand on a street corner and try to persuade passers-by to use a promotion code to sign up to a particular brand. Fortunately there are easier ways to bring FTDs to your online stock trading affiliate program and earn lucrative online stock trading affiliate program. The most tech-savvy online stock trading affiliate program seek to combine low investment and low maintenance digital tools with effective targeting.

A quick Google search reveals some amazing — perhaps shocking — statistics about how much time the average person spends either online, or absorbing different forms of digital media.

The kind of people who might be attracted to online trading are probably already in the higher brackets for internet and digital activity; below teenagers but above many other groups. Short video clips could be a very effective conversion tool on the internet. They can be produced cheaply and easily, and embedded on a wide variety of sites — often for free. Almost anyone can utilise freely available programs to create short promotional video clips. Patience and persistence can generate some surprising results.

If you have a Facebook or YouTube account, you could add videos there and encourage people to share them. There are no rules as to what makes a video viral, but the more videos you create and share — the better your chances of creating a video people will like.

It can be devoted to any subject that interests you. With a little imagination you can find a way to work in regular posts about social trading. Social media is a great way to promote brands as an affiliate. It is low cost and can online stock trading affiliate program be a part of your normal online activity. Social media promotions could be something as brief as an intriguing tweet or a full length post in an online forum. The only real limit is your own imagination.

The eToro marketing team has some real expertise in this field and a lot of resources at its disposal. Feel free to contact your affiliate manager at any time. The above is not indicative of how to make a profit as an affiliate. Potential users should be informed that all online stock trading affiliate program involves risk. Apr 4, - eToro. Apr 3, - eToro. Videos Short video clips could be a very effective conversion tool on the internet.

Social Media Groups Social media is a great way to promote brands as an affiliate. Dec 11, by eToro. May 19, by eToro. Invest in your Strongest Asset - Your own Websites Affiliate marketing is a highly competitive business.

Affiliates need to exploit every professional edge and marketing tool that Affiliate marketing is a highly competitive business. Apr 25, by eToro.

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The Lightspeed Trading Web Partner Program could potentially benefit you financially and help provide active trading prospects and clients to Lightspeed. We would like to investigate a way to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with you and your firm. With a commitment to providing the best value and service in Direct Market Access and Online trading, Lightspeed is an ideal partner to service the trading and brokerage needs of your clients.

Our partner program is a great opportunity to increase your online revenue, feel confident in your referral, and spread the word about Lightspeed. Please take a moment to fill out our online form today and a Lightspeed Trading professional will contact you within two business days to discuss the details of the program.

Any information we obtain from this form is for the sole purpose of contacting you regarding opening an account with Lightspeed Trading, LLC. Lightspeed will not, under any circumstances, distribute your personal information to a third party without your prior consent. Become a Lightspeed Web Partner. Lightspeed Web Partner Program Do you manage a financial web site? Do you provide investor education? Are you involved in the financial services industry?

Do you have customers or site visitors that you feel would be interested in learning about Lightspeed Trading?

Find out how you can potentially earn a monthly income referring traders to Lightspeed. Referral Fees — Lightspeed will pay you for each account opened. Free Services Program — Lightspeed will provide you with valuable services for free in exchange for client and prospective client referrals. Advertising — Lightspeed will pay you to place Lightspeed advertising banners and content on your web site. Email Blasts — Lightspeed pays you to email a Lightspeed marketing piece to your email database.

Discounted Group Commission Rates — Lightspeed will offer your team and referred clients a group commission rate. We will group the trading volume of all referred traders to qualify the entire group for our tiered commission break points.

Valid for new Lightspeed customers only. How did you hear about us? Partner Login Click here to login. Open an Account Try a Demo.