How to be a better FIFA player: 8 tips from world-class players

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April 10, 8: The difference is huge. Offline against bots are so slow and clumsy imo. So started a ManUtd career and wow, what a difference. I played really good online but in my career it's clumsy, slow and far from so fun as online seasons. Why is this difference here? April 10, 9: Online seems to lean more toward an classical trading and binary options for a living game.

Player reactions are seemingly sped up in order to make the game faster. The thing is humans wouldn't be able to react like that in real life, it's physically impossible. I think offline is more realistic to real life in terms of physical movement. So your players aren't actually clumsy, they're just more realistic by not making super sharp turns whilst sprinting, for example.

It's the way the entire game should be on all modes. Fifa 'bots' should not be able to do anything an actual human couldn't. Can totally agree with that. But why is it so different? Why make online more "arcade"? April 10, That is why i almost never play online. I am all about realistic play and that's why i also use manual controls only.

April 10, 6: Offline and Online are different but both unrealistic. Ea sold us a dream. Sign In or Register to comment. It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Quick Links Categories Discussions. Categories 72K All Categories.

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September 17, 6: I offer to share your career mode settings as it's interesting to know who how like to play. I suggest to specify the next here are specified mine: I prefer 8 minutes. But couple of seasons I tried 10 minutes. Maybe some addition settings you want to share too. I will add it if so. Post edited by Ggggoooopppp on September September 17, I always play with almost fully automatic controls. I'd like to try manual but I haven't got the time to master the controls to get up to a level where I could try the more difficult and realistic difficulty settings.

Difficulty wise I normally start off in general on an easier setting just so I can master the art of scoring goals. Diving straight in on legendary has often improved my defensive skill set quickly, but the lesser chances at goal means that side of my game developed at a slower rate.

This year I've decided to do this: This builds up coins and improves my gameplay at the same time. I play my CM with these settings: September 17, 3: September 18, 8: Difficulty - always legandary Controls - Semi assisted Half length 5min Camera settings-allways broadcast Hands play -off Commentaries -on Speed normal Tactics attack as im manchester united most of time.

September 18, 9: I like to have 1 winger who cuts inside and 1 winger who stays wide. Also the winger who cuts inside preferably has a wing back behind him with a good cross. September 18, 1: September 22, Default but I have changed it in the past, can't remember what too. September 28, 8: Legendary although I use the lower difficulties in order to get used to the gameplay. Varies from year-to-year depending on my comfort level.

Customized with a single pivot; I've evolved as I used to play a , then a with a double pivot, now it's a single pivot. Tried to play Legendary with the user settings as is and kept getting run over. Sk Rapid Wien September 28, 9: Always semi if possible, if not manual.

Tele, Default Hands play: September 29, Difficulty - Legendary Controls - Semi assisted Half lenght - 5 min Camera Settings - Broadcast looks like real football Speed - slow Tactics - , i like to spread it wide to try stretch the back four and then try play it through the center - i've been struggling on fifa 16, doesn't seem to be any space. English on, considering turning off Speed: What ever the manager decides, I'm just a player Position: Customized but my settings are always eqaul to CPU, they are customized to increase chances and goals during games to try and stop endless s.

October 3, 3: Can someone please help me. I am playing I just cant create any chances. All my games are ending or just one lucky goal. I love playing But is this formation no good in FIFA 16? October 3, 4: Sign In or Register to comment.

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