Operatore (informatica)

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Lo stesso avviene per passare da un valore negativo ad uno positivo. Il primo bit prende dunque il nome di bit di segno. Performs the AND operation on each pair of bits.

The truth table for the AND operation is:. Performs the OR operation on each pair of bits. The truth table for the OR operation is:.

Performs the XOR operation on each pair of bits. The truth table for the XOR operation is:. Performs the NOT operator on each bit. NOT a yields the inverted value a. The truth table for the NOT operation is:. The bitwise shift operators take two operands: The direction of the shift operation is controlled by the operator used.

Shift operators convert their operands to bit integers in big-endian order and return a result of the same type as the left operand. The right operand should operatore binario c less than 32, but if not only the low five bits operatore binario c be used. This operator shifts the operatore binario c operand the specified number of bits to the left. Excess bits shifted off to the left are discarded. Zero bits are shifted in from the right. This operator shifts the first operand the specified number of bits to the right.

Excess bits shifted off to the right are discarded. Copies of the leftmost bit are shifted in from the left. Since the new leftmost bit has the same value as the previous leftmost bit, the sign bit the leftmost bit does not change. Hence the name "sign-propagating".

Zero bits are shifted in from the left. The sign bit becomes 0, so the result is always non-negative. For non-negative numbers, zero-fill right shift and sign-propagating right operatore binario c yield the same result.

However, this is not the case for negative numbers. The bitwise logical operators are often used to create, manipulate, and read sequences of flagswhich are like binary variables. Variables could be used instead of these sequences, but binary flags take much less memory by a factor of These flags are represented by a sequence of bits: When a flag is setit has a value of 1. When a flag is clearedit has a value of 0. Suppose a variable flags has the binary value Since bitwise operators are bit, is actuallybut the preceding zeroes can be neglected since they contain no meaningful information.

Typically, a "primitive" bitmask for each flag is operatore binario c. New bitmasks can be created by using the bitwise logical operators on these primitive operatore binario c. Individual flag values can be extracted by ANDing them with a bitmask, where each bit with the value of one will "extract" the corresponding operatore binario c.

The bitmask masks out the non-relevant flags by ANDing with zeroes hence the term "bitmask". For example, the following two are equivalent:. Flags can be set operatore binario c ORing them with a bitmask, where each bit with the value one will set the corresponding operatore binario c, if that flag isn't already set.

For example, the bitmask can operatore binario c used to set flags C and D:. Flags can be cleared by ANDing them with a bitmask, where each bit with the value zero will clear the corresponding flag, if it isn't already cleared. This bitmask can be created by NOTing primitive bitmasks. For example, the bitmask can be used to clear flags A and C:.

Flags can be toggled by XORing them with a bitmask, where each bit with the value one will toggle the corresponding flag. For example, the bitmask can be used to toggle flags B and C:. Convert a binary String to a decimal Number:. Convert a decimal Number to a binary String:. If you want to create an Array of Booleans from a mask you can use this code:. For didactic purpose only since there is the Number.

Controlla se hai ricevuto un nuovo messaggio da parte di Mozilla, potrebbe anche essere finita per sbaglio nella cartella dello spam. Sebbene le operazioni permesse da questi operatori siano eseguite in forma binaria, essi restituiscono un valore nella forma numerica standard di JavaScript.

The compatibility table on this page is generated from structured data. If you'd like to contribute to the data, please check out https: Tag del documento e collaboratori Tag: Hanno collaborato alla realizzazione di questa pagina: MacondoExpress04 gen Restituisce il bit 1 nelle posizioni operatore binario c rappresentazione a 32 bit in cui entrambi i bit di a e b sono uguali a 1.

Restituisce 1 nelle posizioni in cui almeno uno dei bit di a o b sia uguale a 1. Inverte il valore di ogni bit. Ad operatore binario c posizione restituisce 1 se il bit era 0 oppure 0 se operatore binario c bit era 1. Defined in several sections of the specification: Bitwise OR a b.

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