24 hidden iPhone settings you should know about

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This is a little reminder that there is a CSS property for helping control what happens to images as they scale up: We're quite used to the idea that scaling an image larger than its natural size upscaling causes it to be blurry. As awful as that is, it's the browser doing the best it can to algorithmically smooth out an image over more pixels than it has data.

But let's say you'd really rather not it do that. Say the image is already pixel-y pixel artor you prefer the look of a pixelated upscaling. Brad Frost's "Just" article from a few years ago has struck a fresh nerve with folks. It's a simple word that can slip out easily, that might be invoked to keep text casual-feeling, but the result can be damaging. The amount of available knowledge in our field or any field really is growing larger, more complex, and more segmented all the time.

That everyone has downloaded the same fundamental knowledge on any topic is becoming less and less probable. Because of this, we have to be careful not to make too many assumptions in our documentation, blog posts, tutorials, wikis, and communications.

Imagine yourself explaining a particular task to an earlier options tips and tricks for iphone 6 of yourself. And making documentation more human-readable benefits everyone. Ethan Marcotte takes this one step further:. One of the reasons I love working with Vue is because of how useful methodscomputedand watchers are, and the legibility of their distinction.

In truth, mouse effects are probably the least important state to design for. By accounting for more functional states early, you can lower the need for costly redesigns as your pattern library matures.

Here are the fundamental states you should address early on, in approximate order of importance. He argues that we should repeat this maxim throughout the button design process:. On a related note, we recently did a series on CSS Basics that included a post dedicated to link styling for various link states. A huge high-five and welcome to Netlify for the sponsorship this week. If you haven't heard of Netlify, the big thing you should know is that it's web hosting, but more than that.

It's web hosting with the developer workflow squarely at heart. You can spin up a site on Netlify in literally seconds. One way is through their robust CLI. Another way, that I find very comfortable and just did the other dayis to log into the Netlify web interface, create a new site, and connect a Git repo to it.

Plus I can give it a command that will run my site's build process when I push to master. Of course, I can also point a custom domain name at Netlify and now we're cooking with gas. Brad frost picks up the ongoing conversation about design systems. Where many posts seem to center on how to create one and how to enforce it, the big takeaway here is that design systems are not synonymous with constraints.

They're only as strict as we make them and new CSS features like custom properties actually open up new creative possibilities—something Andres Galante and Cliff Pyles recently pitched right here on CSS-Tricks. The aesthetic layer is often the most malleable layer of the frontend stack, which means that we can create systems that allow for a lot of aesthetic flexibility while still retaining a solid underlying structural foundation.

This not only sounds right, but puts options tips and tricks for iphone 6 strong punctuation on why we love CSS: A new layer of paint can be slapped on at any time, but the beams, walls and ceiling of the building can remain constant.

Dave Rupert's personal site is a prime example of this and he details his approach to theming. I was talking with a pal the other day and moaning about flexbox for the millionth options tips and tricks for iphone 6 because I had momentarily forgotten the difference between the justify-content and align-items properties. Well, that was when she gave me what I think is the best shorthand way of remembering how the two work together.

Who said collecting data was easy? Until now that is. So, what are you waiting for? Get the data your company needs, and try out JotForm Cards for yourself today. An oldie but goodie, Chris Beams writes about the secret art of writing helpful Git commit messages.

There is a vicious cycle here: But options tips and tricks for iphone 6 well-cared for log is a beautiful and useful thing. Understanding why something happened months or years ago becomes not only possible but efficient. What may be a hassle options tips and tricks for iphone 6 first soon becomes habit, and eventually a source of pride and productivity for options tips and tricks for iphone 6 involved. This post pairs well with a more recent post on the topic.

Where Chris provides a format for consistency, Stephen Amaza takes that same idea and expands it with suggestions for how to provide a commit message with better context.

Why would she do that? Here's one pertinent possibility: We're free to wonder, or even ask if it's done respectfully enough. But does it really matter? Let's stop short of assuming she doesn't know what's she's doing, assuming it's a twisted form of pain, or that she's unaware of other technologies.

Dave Rupert shows us all how to animate radial progress bars in SVG with a tiny script alongside the stroke-dasharray and stroke-dashoffset properties:. For a client project we tasked ourselves with building out one of those cool radial progress bars. You can do it! Ethan Marcotte takes this one step further: And I also think we options tips and tricks for iphone 6 avoid using it.

He argues that we should repeat this maxim throughout the button design process: Dave Rupert shows us all how to animate radial progress bars in SVG with a tiny script alongside the stroke-dasharray and stroke-dashoffset properties: When I saw Chris' article on notched boxesI remembered that I got a challenge a while ago to CSS a design like it, but with rounded, scooped corners instead.

So, let's see how we can do it that way instead and expand it to multiple corners while being mindful of browser support.

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How many secrets do you think your iPhone can reveal to strangers? So how do you protect yourself? Well, you can follow our tips in order to maximize your iPhone security. Keep in mind that doing everything we mention here will deprive your iPhone of some of its helpful features, but at the same time it will better protect your private data.

The simplest and most efficient way to protect your data is to use a strong password instead of a simple 4 digit pin code for unlocking your iPhone. How will it help? It will reduce the chances of a criminal being able to guess your password. Where can you set these requirements? Use a strong password instead of 4 digit passcode and get rid of all notifications on a lock screen.

Messages, emails, and other information in your apps can contain some sensitive data like confirmation codes, private appointments, financial data, etc.

The less your iPhone shows on a lock screen, the safer your data is. One lock is good, but two is better. When you set up two-step verification, you register one or more trusted devices devices you control that can receive 4-digit verification codes using either SMS or the Find My iPhone service.

It will prevent your Apple account from being used by somebody that is not authorized. Siri is a great Phone feature, but sometimes this nice personal assistant can give away some information that you would prefer to keep confidential.

Siri can communicate with anyone, not just with an owner of the device it works on. It will eliminate the possibility of data extraction from the smartphone using Siri. In your iCloud settings you can turn off automatic synchronization for any type of data. Actually it happens with almost any kind of data if we are talking about iPhones and iCloud: In this scenario you might not even recognize that your iPhone is working within the malicious WiFi network, giving away all of your data to the scammer.

It will reduce a risk of connecting to malicious wireless network. We speak about VPN quite often on this blog. A Virtual Private Network is a must-have tool which can bring extra security to everyone who uses an iPhone in different wireless networks, including unknown ones. It will encrypt all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic making it useless to intercept and analyze. Cookies are small files which almost any website generates and leaves on your device.

They may contain some information about you, your computer or smartphone, and your preferences. It helps websites keep you logged in, or to show you some relevant content including ads, but in some cases they may be very helpful to cybercriminals as they can contain credentials and other sensitive data.

To be honest, turning off cookies might bring you more stress than relief, but it helps your data by being more secure. Plus, some discomfort is not the biggest price you have to pay for data protection. It will reduce the risk of unauthorized use of your login data and some other private information stored in cookie files. In Safari settings you can turn off cookies and the AutoFill option. The same goes for the AutoFill option: Then switch it off! It will reduce the risk of someone logging into websites with your credentials when your iPhone is stolen or given to somebody.

This tip is quite extreme, but if you already followed every single recommendation we gave, then you might as well go ahead with the last one. For example, if you install a third party keyboard you must give it full access to everything you are typing in order for you to be able to use it. Why it is better to purchase an antivirus directly from the developer. The Dangers of a Smart Future. Alex Savitsky 27 posts. Use a strong password instead of a 4 digit code The simplest and most efficient way to protect your data is to use a strong password instead of a simple 4 digit pin code for unlocking your iPhone.

The AutoFill option in a browser can compromise your credentials. Bitcoins, Home Hacking, Apple Malware and Why it is better to purchase an antivirus directly from the developer 10 Best Tweets on Security in The Dangers of a Smart Future.

Don't show me this message again. Products to Protect You Our innovative products help to give you the Power to Protect what matters most to you. Discover more about our award-winning security. In just a few clicks, you can get a FREE trial of one of our products — so you can put our technologies through their paces.