Automated market sentiment analysis of twitter for options trading

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Co-authors were Wei Wei of FinStats. Traders, investors, financial analysts, and news agencies, for example, post tens of thousands of tweets daily related to stocks, making Twitter the largest knowledge base of free investment advice about the financial markets options trading tweets is available to everyone instantly and easily. Options are created when a company launches new shares of stock; options market traders options trading tweets begin pricing and trading contracts to buy or sell the new stock at various prices in the future.

As more investors have learned about the versatility of options — big profits can be made when the options trading tweets goes up, but also when it goes down — options trading has become an increasingly popular way for active traders to make bets on the direction a stock may take, or to hedge existing positions in their portfolios. This trend has been made possible by the advent of electronic trading and data dissemination.

Computers have enabled unprecedented insights into complex securities by empowering traders, using algorithms, to sort through reams of commercial data — such as Twitter — to accurately measure, evaluate, and predict changes in the price of financial assets.

An option gives investors the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a stock at a specific price on or before a certain date. There are a wide variety of option contracts, both short-term and long-term, but all essentially have two sides:.

Regardless of their call or put objective, options are risky, as investors must juggle large numbers of variables when calculating the potential of risk or reward. Today there are sophisticated trading options trading tweets to help track variables that drive option trades; still, the complexity of this data stacks the odds against traders.

Using mathematical models that estimate the price of call and put options over time, the UConn researchers monitored and analyzed Twitter data to identify option trading opportunities. The study determined that extreme stock price swings were correlated with Twitter volume spikes, as sharp increases options trading tweets decreases in returns triggered more discussions about them, and hence more tweets.

They also found that stock options may still be overpriced right after a Twitter volume spike; and that put options tend to be priced options trading tweets than call options. Wang says the results indicated that Twitter volume spikes could be used as a trading signal to sell overpriced put options right after the spike in order to gain profit.

Based on their findings, the researchers created a simulated portfolio using one year of stock market data to options trading tweets their put selling strategy. They found that even in a conservative setting, this options trading tweets achieved a Recognizing the potential that Twitter data offers for predicting stock volatility, Wang says she believes a more detailed options trading tweets of Options trading tweets data, such as analyzing the content of tweets, can provide even more insights.

A UConn researcher says spikes in the number of tweets about a company can be used to design a profitable stock options trading strategy. Options trading tweets are a wide variety of option contracts, both short-term and long-term, but all essentially have two sides: A call option grants the right to buy the stock at the specific price, called the strike, up to the expiration date.

A options trading tweets option confers the right to sell the stock at the strike price. Put buyers hope the stock price will fall before the option expires.

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