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This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. So today I went to Gamestop to buy HeartGold. I saw this, didn't buy and and was very confused at the high price since I bought my SS a few months ago for less than half that price. I guess I'm just here to ask, does anyone know why the prices are so high? Are they really that popular? Check other pokemon heart gold trade in value gamestop like walmart. How were you guys finding such cheap prices?

On Amazon news are going from 70 and beyond. I don't remember what price they are, but I don't think they were more expensive than BW 2 or such. There's some perspective for you. Ultra Moon Bird Challenge! I might of just got lucky today.

I walked into a donation shop where I normally take my grandma pokemon heart gold trade in value gamestop she donates quite a few things monthly and what do I see? Maybe it is a combination of the fact that those games are likely not in production anymore and the fact that newer games, such as those for the 3DS, are higher pokemon heart gold trade in value gamestop Distributers will charge as high a price as they think people are willing to pay.

Paws pokemon heart gold trade in value gamestop Claws Tribe AC: Fantasia, Mayor Timeless AC: Oddly enough, from what's on Amazon right now. Pokemon Heart Gold copies are actually worth a significant amount more, according to Amazon that is. With those prices and the huge gap between the used and new games, I can assume, like many have already, that the reason they cost so much is because the games are no longer in production.

At this point in time a new copy of Heart Gold or Soul Silver could be bought up by some dedicated collectors, and used ones could be bought by people who just want to play the game. If the cartridges aren't being made anymore then that gives the games some rarity to them, and therefore make them worth a lot more. Gamestop always has ridiculous prices. If people would stop giving them money the world would become a much better place. If you're lucky you'll find someone like me with an old cart laying around their room that they haven't played in a while.

All users will need to merge their Azurilland account with a new or existing Twitch account starting July 17th. You can merge your accounts by clicking here. Curse Help Register Sign In. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Maybe it's because not many places still sell them and they have a limited supply?

Walmart and places like that don't have it because It's "obsolete" now: Where is this walmart? That is definately luck. Welcome to real life, baby. The more people want something the higher the prices go. I mean, with them almost releasing Generation 6 it would make sense that they stopped producing a Generation 4 game some months back. Well, if the amount of people that want this game are still high store owners could get money signs in their eyes and think "hey, here's a chance to get people to spent pokemon heart gold trade in value gamestop ton of money on something".

I think that these being remakes also has something to do with it. Maybe I should buy it and remember old times". Add into that people who were waiting to buy the games until they are cheaper now thinking "might be my last chance to buy a new copy" and now spending money on them.

So, could be a lot of factors. But, personally I don't care. I have both copies working fine, so prices don't bother me. Former username MrsMarriland https: I can't find it anywhere online which is where I thought IDE get it at best price buy Froakie masuda current shinies: I saw a couple offers on ebay.

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Anti-grav racer Redout was one of the first third party games to be confirmed for Switch but it's still yet to see release on Nintendo's console; not so long ago we reported that its release date was very much up in the air and it would seem that the situation hasn't changed all that much since. If you're in the US and still trying to get a Switch, it's potentially been a struggle to find stock; various retailers have often offered sporadic and limited availability.

It should in theory help boost Nintendo Switch hardware sales, but the system's It's no secret that The Legend of Zelda: Demand for the hardware is still high too, with a restock this It wasn't so long ago that we reported on GameStop listing a ludicrously expensive Nintendo Switch bundle, citing availability by mid-April; that was a slightly worrying moment. Pleasingly, however, we have a tangible sign that Switch restocks are starting to kick in, with a recent tweet targeting the US market.

A good way to gauge demand for hardware is to follow the behaviour of retailers. It very much varies by region at the moment with Nintendo Switch, but it seems the system is pretty hot right now in the US. As always, when there's a popular product and dollars to be made, GameStop is ready to relieve you of your cash.

As the launch weekend draws to a close the early signs are that, in some territories at least, the Nintendo Switch has got off to a strong start. In the US stock has been at a premium from pre-orders and the limited numbers of walk-in stock for those attending midnight launches.

Our own Steve Bowling was involved Ahead of the Nintendo Switch presentation, a couple of sources have reached out to us revealing pertinent information regarding GameStop's US plans for Nintendo's latest console.

You'll be able to pre-order the Switch in the US, at least starting at 10am tomorrow at your local GameStops; it's looking like allocation will be On GameStop's site there's a product description for the Nintendo Switch which appears to We're just days away from what will presumably be a substantial set of reveals and details on the Nintendo Switch, yet retailers continue to struggle to hold their nerve.

It's fair to say that the rumour that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild won't be hitting the Nintendo Switch at launch caused quite a bit of upset, and since then we've seen evidence to suggest that it could arrive later in the year - a listing on Targe.

GameStop's quarterly financial conference call took place recently, and during the call the Nintendo Switch unsurprisingly came up as a topic of conversation. GameStop's executives were very positive about the system and its potential impact on the games market, and revealed that it The retro gaming scene has changed a lot in recent years, with values climbing up in many cases; it can be an expensive business picking up some games and systems from decades gone by.

There must be money in it, as GameStop is ramping up its retro offerings and even taking trade-ins on old consoles and games. The upcoming Nintendo Entertainment System: Yet while pre-orders have been possible albeit limited in availability in PAL territories, North America has only seen brief pre-order windows that were rapidly shut Of course, this is a tactic that big businesses can GameStop's quarterly earnings call took place yesterday, with the company revealing that total sales have dropped 4.

The fall was attributed to the small number of AAA games in the first quarter of this year. Speaking to list, Raines admitted that the console simply hadn't performed as expected, but he was keen to point out that Nintendo as a company should never be counted out At a recent GameStop event, Bartel spoke about company growth and let slip that "console launches" are coming this year: Although we have not modelled extensive growth for new innovation in Nintendo will be revealing more about its next console this year, but ahead of any official announcement we've been inundated with rumours, speculation and some reports that seem to suggest that.

Joining in on the hype of the upcoming Star Fox Zero and Legend of Zelda games, GameStop has opened its doors to preorders of Nendoroid's latest figure of Link his Majora's Mask iteration , as well as a GameStop-exclusive stone statue of everyone's favourite fox in the sky, Fox McCloud. The former will retail for Earlier in the week we attempted to summarise the rumours around a GameStop-exclusive amiibo triple pack in North America, featuring R.

Nintendo went on to confirm the triple pack for a release on 25th September, and as expected GameStop has now confirmed i. Little Battlers eXperience was announced for the West, then an area GameStop might have a little something to get your fix before the game's 21st August release in North America. Over the past 24 hours there's been plenty of online chat around an apparent GameStop-exclusive amiibo triple pack that'll go up for pre-order - in stores - on 8th August.

Despite the attention it's received on Reddit, particularly, the retailer and Nintendo of America have so far The amiibo stock situation shows little signs of improving, despite Nintendo's assurances that it's trying its utmost to sort things out. Each new wave of figures seems to sell out instantly, and within hours sites like Amazon and eBay are flooded with people re-selling the precious NFC toys So far this content has included new quests, items, and even well-known video game character collaborations.

If you love amiibo, then odds are good you have been hurt by amiibo - or the lack thereof. Those odds seem even higher if you live in North America, where you're lucky to have even laid eyes on certain figures in the wild, let alone purchase them. Some are speculating that a port strike on the west coast of the The game launches in March in North America and May in Europe, and if rumours are to be believed it would appear that Nintendo is working with retailer Earlier this month shaky-cam footage emerged of a year-old gamer thrashing the competition at Super Smash Bros.

It all took place at a supposedly random GameStop preview event for the game. It did seem fishy, however, prompting us to Nintendo's stepping up marketing, particularly in North America, through While Japanese gamers are already gearing up for the New Nintendo 3DS models, gamers in the West need to wait until — that means that some special bundles of the existing hardware will arrive in time for the Holiday season.

Confirmed by Nintendo of America at a GameStop conference and now It's pretty clear that plenty of Wii U owners are now impatiently awaiting Mario Kart 8, while others may be tempted to dive in and buy a system for the latest entry in the iconic series.

Nintendo's cranking up the hype, meanwhile, with public-access demos now confirmed to be on the way to more than 2, As some have predicted the imminent demise of retail gaming outlets, brought on by an era of new restrictions on game sharing and the used games market, US retailer GameStop has drawn a course full sail in the opposite direction.

A new report by Games Industry reveals that the US gaming giant actually Earlier this week GameStop made a brief statement regarding the pricing of used copies of Xenoblade Chronicles in its various retail outlets. The company said it had sourced new copies of the "vintage" title and claimed many more were on the way, including Metroid Prime Trilogy, which has become n. Earlier today we reported that questions had been raised about GameStop's increase in Xenoblade Chronicles stock; the title had been difficult to find for an extended period.

Despite the title's rarity for a number of months, many GameStop stores now have multiple "used" copies available, as Xenoblade Chronicles took its sweet time coming to the Wii in North America, with Nintendo eventually publishing as a limited release on the Nintendo Store and through GameStop.

It had been long anticipated and clearly sold well for the available stock, as it reportedly became hard to find and rare after launch Before the Wii U launched, US outlet GameStop proudly stated that half a million people were on its waiting list for the shiny new console. However, speaking to investors last week, GameStop admitted that only , consoles were actually sold by the chain - which means , "orders" We all know that Thursday's presentation is going to be related to the Wii U, with the most likely scenario being a launch date reveal and pricing details.

To add a little more spice to this speculation, GoNintendo has reported that several readers have gotten in touch to report on various goings-on at Hoping to grab a cheap pre-owned copy of Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir from GameStop?

Sorry, your luck is out — the chain won't be trading in Nintendo's augmented reality experience. The reason is the game relies on an intricate book bundled with new copies; without the book, the software's useless. Even a missing page could halt Didn't pre-order Kid Icarus: Uprising to get your free code for 3D Classics: Kid Icarus, and worried you've missed out on the downloadable game for good? Not to worry, as GameStop will sell redeem codes for the game online.

Last week we reported GameStop is selling eShop games for download, and that range of two games will expand soon with Want to download Pushmo or Super Mario Land 2: GameStop has started selling DLC codes for both games through its website and stores.

Uprising Launches with Multiplayer Tournament. Nintendo of America will take Kid Icarus: Uprising's multiplayer mode on tour ahead of the game's 23rd March release with a nationwide tournament. GameStop stores in San Francisco, Orlando, Los Angeles and New York will play host to Nintendo-run multiplayer tournaments, with winners from each area in the running for exclusive Kid Nintendo has confirmed its Circle Pad Pro accessory will see release in the United States in early The add-on will only be sold through GameStop stores and at GameStop.

Nintendo is also introducing an optional Super Mario 3D Land is one of the most anticipated games of the year, but if you haven't yet got your pre-order down then GameStop is hoping to change that pretty quickly. The retailer is offering an exclusive Tanooki Mario keychain when you pre-order and buy the game, either in-store or online. There's no image of it yet, If you're one of those gamers who were disappointed to find out that BIT.

Gamers who preorder BIT. The news that Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D save data cannot be deleted sparked a frenzy worldwide, with rental companies and retailers working out the impact it'll have on their businesses. Major games retailer GameStop made the bold decision not to trade the game in from customers, but has now changed its corporate mind and will accept trade-ins from today.

Ocarina of Time 3D. In recent years, midnight launches have become the preserve of the "mature" gamer, which the likes of Call of Duty, Halo, Gears of War and more packing in crowds desperate to get their hands on the latest shooters; with the exception of hardware, it's rare to hear of a midnight launch for a Nintendo game, but Of course you are, and what better way to boost that excitement than with a monster-themed giveaway at Gamestop?

Transfer the glittering beasts over to.. If you're excited about Conduit 2 this Gamestop-exclusive special edition package might just ramp up your giddy-o-meter just a notch or two. It's not long now before 5th Cell releases Super Scibblenauts, the sequel to 's Scibblenauts, and in conjunction with the game's launch GameStop will be holding a special event where gamers can take part in a costume contest and even buy copies of the game ahead of its scheduled retail release.