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The funeral home in this case had fired a transgender woman for transitioning and then cited religious beliefs under RFRA as an explanation. Thanks to Equality Case Files for these filings. Second Circuit rules that sexual orientation Manila — The Supreme Court of the Philippines has set 19 June as the date for oral arguments on a petition that seeks to legalize same-sex marriage in the country, its spokesperson said Tuesday, 6 March Currently, same-sex marriage, like divorce, is outlawed in the Philippines, the bastion of Catholicism in Asia, where 8 in 10 of its million people subscribe to that religion.

On occasion when he isn't slamming itPresident Rodrigo Duterte had expressed support for the legalization of same-sex marriage in the prolific health options and trading inc ortigas zip code. Queensland laws will be amended so that people who change their gender do not have to divorce their partner.

Currently, under Section 22 of the Births, Deaths, and Marriages Registration Act, any Queenslander who has undergone gender reassignment surgery, in effect, has to divorce their partner in order to have their gender legally-recognized, because married Queenslanders prolific health options and trading inc ortigas zip code not change the gender prolific health options and trading inc ortigas zip code their birth certificates.

Today, 6 Marchnow that same-sex marriage has been legalized nationwide, the Attorney-General of the Queensland government will introduce legislation so that married transgender people do not need to divorce in order to legally change their gender on official documents. At the moment, only South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory, like Queensland, have made this necessary change to state law. The rest of the states have until 9 December to follow suit.

Otherwise, they will be in violation of the federal Sex Discrimination Act. In addition to the church organization itself, its pastor, Rev. Here's the church's Facebook page, featuring photos of some of the same-sex commitment ceremonies they have performed: Although Manila is far more famous, and was once the capital, Quezon City, a new planned city near-by, is the actual governmental capital of the Philippines.

Today, 5 Marchin "F. Barron," a federal challenge to Idaho's blanket policy of refusing to amend the gender marker on birth certificates, a federal judge has ruled that transgender individuals must be given an opportunity to change said gender marker on their birth certificates, and that such blanket prohibition is unconstitutional:.

The Court finds further that any constitutionally sound rule must not include the revision history as to sex or name to avoid impermissibly compelling speech and furthering the harms at issue. The Court notes also that the new rule should withstand heightened scrutiny review to fall within the contours of equal protection law. The Memorandum Decision and Order is here: According to Lambda Legal, these are the 4 recalcitrant states, plus Puerto Rico, which will not re-issue a corrected birth certificate for transgender individuals reflecting the proper sex on it: Idaho's prohibition has just been ruled unconstitutional, while the federal case against Puerto Rico remains pending.

It's time someone sued Kansas, Ohio, and Tennessee. As expected conservative Paraguay the most conservative country in South America has state the Ich ruling is not binding by them and even so the deputies said they will do everything in there power to protect the constitution of the country against ssm. However, the Senate rejected the amendments of the Chamber of Deputies. As in all bi-cameral legislatures, both bodies must pass prospective legislation using identical prolific health options and trading inc ortigas zip code.

The Joint Commission will now iron out the prolific health options and trading inc ortigas zip code, and hopefully, they can try again. Prolific health options and trading inc ortigas zip code listo para nuestro primer encuentro fronterizo colombo-venezolano de personas LGBT.

En Maicao y Riohacha construiremos espacios de trabajo colectivo. In Maicao and Riohacha, we will build collective work spaces. It will not be done until the next administration takes place, Even though its sad that this proposal has been file since some lgbt activist are celebrating as if it has been approve there could have been some trouble in the constitutional chamber base on some comments I read in movil tweet. The latest vote, Tuesday evening, 6 Marchwas a tie, but Mayor Lynn Spruill, who had denounced the original vote taken last month, cast a tie-breaking favorable vote, according to Mississippi TV station WTVA.

The original vote was against the permit; this time, one board member reportedly abstained from voting. Yeah I am not worried about being veto I am worried that legislators dont disccuss the topic until much further on.

Hopefully lgbt supporters can pressure the legislative body to disccuss the marrriage bill. With the majority in congress in favor of prolific health options and trading inc ortigas zip code I dont doubt about being pass I am worried in what time they are going to discuss at all. Just look at the gender identity bill it has been 5 years since it was introduced and it still isnt approve.

Results are coming in from today's party primaries in the state. Most statewide executive offices are up for election this November along with one-third of the members of the Railroad Commission and higher courts with multi-seat benches. Carnival Cruz faces reelection this year for the Senate, and the Dems have fielded candidates in all 36 congressional districts for the first time in two and a half decades.

O'Rourke is also the only statewide Dem with any fundraising finesse whatsoever having actually brought in more money than Cruz over the last couple of finance reports. No one from El Paso has ever been elected to statewide office because everybody knows it's part of New Mexico anyway. Chief among these is my own district, the TX, which is prolific health options and trading inc ortigas zip code largest in extent stretching along the border from El Paso to San Antonio covering an area about as big as Pennsylvania.

This is the only truly purple district floundering constantly between parties nearly every cycle. This race will require a runoff with Gina Ortiz Jones, an out lesbian, prolific health options and trading inc ortigas zip code the pack. She is a former military intelligence officer hoping to become the first ever Filipina-American in Congress. Prolific health options and trading inc ortigas zip code campaigned on supporting education and Medicare-for-all health reform.

She and Jay Hulings, a former federal prosecutor and the most conservative candidate, were the most prolific fundraisers in the contest. Hulings, however, is polling at a distant fourth. The DCCC made a big stink in this race by running misleading ads against Moser that caused a backlash raising Moser's stock. This seat is being defended by John Culberson.

Garcia wins handily to replace retiring Rep. Gene Green in TX Both districts are solidly blue making these women the first Hispanas to represent Texas in Congress.

I don't know if Gina Ortiz Jones identifies as Hispana. In state races, the Dems still suffer from a long Catch they have faced for two decades: Unless Dems with name recognition and fundraising prowess run, Dems can't win.

This year, only O'Rourke has accepted that challenge and so, with the exception of the governor's race, I'll focus on the more interesting GOP primary races. This remains unsurprising even when you consider Abbott has the charisma of a dishrag and the vision of a potted plant. Valdez is an openly lesbian Hispana, but to prolific health options and trading inc ortigas zip code discredit has demonstrated a limited grasp of the issues facing the state during her campaign, and her tenure as sheriff has caused deep suspicion among civil rights and criminal justice reform activists.

White, who has never shown any interest at all in politics until six months ago, is running on a conservative agenda that sounds more like Dem candidates in the 70s and 80s than those of today.

No one has ever heard of Milder, but his unfinanced message has prolific health options and trading inc ortigas zip code to call B. AG Ken Paxton has no GOP opponent and only token Dem opposition in the fall despite facing trial on multiple indictments of malfeasance that may end up costing him years in prison. He is facing his predecessor, Jerry Patterson, who quit the job last time around to unsuccessfully seek higher office.

Patterson criticizes Bush for his handling of redevelopment plans for the Alamo you have to be from Texas to fully appreciate how sacred that is and for his mismanagement of the General Land Office's response to Hurricane Harvey.

Patterson's tenure was halfway decent with the other half overridden by his gun-nut fanaticism. Bush, son of Jeb! Miller provides a Twitter feed that is so far removed from fact, truth, dignity, or even basic decency that even Trump won't stoop that low. His tenure has been marked by his war on schools providing healthy lunches and his state-funded jaunts out of the state to supposedly meet with other officials who never wanted to meet with him in the first place.

Famously, on one such trip to Oklahoma, he went to a Christian fundamentalist doctor to be injected with a "Jesus Shot" apparently, among white religious fundamentalists, this is really a thing. Although Dem turnout remains less than GOP turnout, Dem turnout is sky rocket high compared to the last two election cycles while the Republicans can't even meet demographic growth due to Trump's unpopularity.

Too bad that all of our best candidates chose to sit this cycle out. Pardon me for failing to mention another LGBT candidate for governor. Jeffery Payne, a former International Mr. I am sorry that these bastards reversed the earlier vote on a tie vote. I was looking forward to Roberta Kaplan teaching them a lesson about the Constitution of the United States and picking up a boatload of cash from the citizens of Starkville for her trouble.

White, and Bernice B. In too many workplaces around the country, coming out as trans is a fireable offense, as our client Aimee Stephens personally experienced. But this ruling affirms that that is illegal, setting an important precedent confirming that transgender people are protected by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

We are thrilled for Aimee, and for all trans folks, to be able to announce this win today. The funeral home was represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom: The Opinion and Judgment is here: The bill has broad bipartisan support in the state, and now moves to the state Senate for passage where three Republican senators have co-sponsored the bill; Republican governor Chris Sununu has said he supports the change and would sign it into law.

New Hampshire is the last remaining New England state that does not have gender identity protections as part of their non-discrimination laws. These 18 states, plus DC, already prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in employment, housing, and public accommodations: These three states prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation, but not gender identity, in employment, housing, and public accommodations: New Hampshire, New York, and Wisconsin.

New Hampshire is now in the process of correcting this oversight, while the New York State Division of Human Rights promulgated regulations that took effect on 20 January prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity, transgender status, or gender dysphoria in employment, housing, and public accommodations. Utah prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in employment and housing, but not in public accommodations.

Guam and Puerto Rico prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in employment. Virgina and Wyoming will likely be the next states to pass statewide anti-discrimination laws protecting LGBT people.

The bill, sponsored by Stanley Chang, Rosalyn Baker, and Karl Rhoads, passed the state Senate, which is entirely controlled by the Democrats, by a vote of After Washington State's Governor Inslee signs that state's pending legislation into law state 10Hawai'i ought to become state 11 banning the discredited practice. The three judges were democrats. Even White who was approve in Bush administration was nominate first during Clinton administration but was not confirm because of the withhold of the blue slip.

And New Hampshire will likely become the 12th 13th if you include New York, prolific health options and trading inc ortigas zip code bans the practice not through legislation, but through allocation of funds.

The decision to withdraw means that the overturn of the anti-sodomy law will remain in place, as the one Catholic bishop of the small nation was the last remaining plaintiff calling for a reversal of the law. Shortly thereafter, Belizean religious organizations banded together to mount an appeal of this landmark decision.

Because the National Evangelical Association had not been allowed to participate in the case, only the Catholic Church was left as the one group appealing the ruling.

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