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Could you tell me how much would it reddit pokemon trades tcg costed? Also, why reddit pokemon trades tcg it and Mimikyu sought of after?! Unfortunately both Giratina and Gothorita are reddit pokemon trades tcg Gen 7, let me know if that's a dealbreaker for you! Oh but that DW Gothita is quite an expensive one. I was more interested in Ditto though. If you ever change your mind tell me!

I still remember having to use link cables to trade I remember the first distribution of Mew at Toys R Us. They cut the line reddit pokemon trades tcg there were too many people and with link cables it took forever. The day they added wi-fi made things so much faster. I got into event collecting about a year ago, but I wish I'd started sooner. Trade completed, thanks so much! Would you mind just sending me some farming proof with all your code cards included in the pic, haha for the bug?

And reddit pokemon trades tcg let me know reddit pokemon trades tcg any spare 20th Manaphy you might have too, I'd be happy to add some more Poipole codes for one as well. I'll go online in Gen 6 to send you the first 3, then switch to Gen 7 to deliver the Deoxys. Thank you so much for the exchange! Do take care of Gengar in particular, he's always been one of my favorites. And please keep me posted on the Reddit pokemon trades tcg Jirachi, since I'd be very interested in trading for it.

I definitely want to pick up your Universe Diancie and Pikachu from your unredeemed tab. I also wanted to inquire about a couple of other events: Please let me know how much you'd be looking for all of these, thank you! By the way, feel free to let me know which events these are regardless of value!

Not listed in my sheet but also on your wishlist are the following, dug-up from my personal collection:. Let me know your thoughts, as reddit pokemon trades tcg How much would you want for them all? Why don't we go back to our old thread actually, to keep things a bit more organized. I'll post there shortly: Hi Itokichi, would you maybe still have any ID: I have been looking for one. Hi Xavier, I did not reserve a Lugia code so I want to make sure you aren't getting one for reddit pokemon trades tcg.

I also wanted to ask if you had any self-obtained ID: I reddit pokemon trades tcg interested in buying. No worries at all, best of luck with your sales! If anything that I listed above does become available, please let me know, thank you: The diancie is in the 3DS which I am planning on selling, so I can't give it to you.

I'll have to check about victini, reddit pokemon trades tcg the Parade set I am talking to another user for selling it as a cart. And I don't have pikas: If you could also list whatever events you might have for trade, I'd be interested as well! I've been looking for a Pikachu the Outbreakchu event from last summer - would you happen to have any of those by any chance? All these Pokemon are only available for stuff I have very high interest in.

Would any of the other things listed in your post here be for trade? I've got a variety of things here to offer for the code. Hello valere, glad to see some familiar faces here! Hi, I'm interested in your KOR past event. Are you interested in future JPN events? If so, I would like to discuss with you other than Leafeon: I checked it now.

I would be very interested in future JPN events, such reddit pokemon trades tcg PC Shaymin, but unfortunately it is too early to make reservations right now. It is very late where I am right now so I will go to sleep - but I'm looking forward to talking to you later! I also wanted to double-check - none of your events use JKSM and you redeem all of them on normal cartridges?

As you reserved the marshadow, i will give you 7. You are very kind! I will go to sleep now but I will be able to trade when I wake up it will be your evening time - please enjoy your brunch! Also, please let me know if you are interested in trade offers too. I can list my events for you to look at if you are. It really depends on what event, since some of my events are worth even more than 4 NHK codes, haha. I'll leave my trade list here for you to look at. Feel free to tell me which interest you the most, and I will let you reddit pokemon trades tcg how I value them and whether or not I am comfortable trading them!

I am really conflicted about this. Would you be able to provide me with the trade threads for both the JPN Mimikyus? Yeah, sorry about that!

I used to have a whole bunch of JPN tagged ones from seikenike but traded them away. Worse comes to worst, Reddit pokemon trades tcg could always ask him again for one, or another JPN-based trader like philvpham10 and see what happens. Here is reddit pokemon trades tcg trade thread for trollolly's Mimikyu, it was sent to me as a gift. The neko Mimi is from here. That's just what I wanted to see. While I did look into troll a bit I couldn't really find anything that I was uncomfortable with.

But it seems that I missed that thread somehow or the other. He uses Porybox and that is something I am reddit pokemon trades tcg too fond of as it requires steps involving your save file.

I will have to pass on that Mimikyu after all. Neko's Mimi on the other hand seems to be fine to me. But can I see reddit pokemon trades tcg proof for that first please? I only wish I knew for certain whether she has multiple carts in her possession to get all those redemptions done. Could I maybe tempt you with any of the shiny legendaries or UBs here?

Not at the moment, just focusing on my dex at the minute. Marshadow was the only one I couldn't get from in game. No problem, hope you find someone looking for those! Following this user will show all the posts they make to their profile on your front page.

Okay that'll do for Gothita. How much for both altogether? I think it'll be my first time buying from you? Also, can you keep them in Gen 6? That's really rare I see. Ah that's quite not okay with me. Sure thing, thanks for inquiring! Code sent, thank you: Thank you for the trade! Yes, I want to trade these codes: OK, I will PM them to you! I can't imagine standing in line, link cable at the ready, haha! Haha, sure thing, thanks for letting me know!

Okiedokie, do let me know if you change your mind! Really interested in it. Let me see how many carts I have available. Are you looking for stock redeem or save file? Preferably stock, if that's not too much to ask! Going to sleep for a bit. Reddit pokemon trades tcg check my carts in about 6 hours and give you an answer. Sure, I really appreciate it!

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