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Saat ini forum sudah dibuka untuk umum, namun masih tetap dalam tahap pengujian. Hampir semua aktivitas dalam forum ini memiliki nilai Credit atau Equity. Nantinya, Credit atau Equity yang dikumpulkan akan dapat digunakan untuk berbagai tujuan, misalnya untuk biaya pemesanan EA, sewa VPS, untuk belanja di store jika ada , beli EA jika ada , dan untuk membayar biaya keanggotaan SoeHoe Markets. Cookies Perhatian Guest info. Profitable EA english translation This EA is profitable , originally code was in russian, but I translate the sources to english.

This EA is used in real account, Use carefully. This ea can make money but u need to have a bit of luck with market retracement! Chris Balak , 16 Apr Thanks for sharing ea from Rusia might good, if look on contest competition trader from Rusia is included best trader on average might will good if here also provided ea contest. Any BT test result? Nizam malay , 22 Apr Thank you for sharing this EA. Ron , 23 Apr Thanks for this EA. This is my review for this thread: Gelson , 23 Apr Gracias por compartir, pero no vende ni compra, Voy a ver que tiene!!!

Horacio Gonzalez , 23 Apr I can't attach this EA into my MT4. Iwan8 , 23 Apr He will turn your deposit into zero.

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