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Many are at AIM. From mountains of data to mountains of scrap, our brokers understand the scrap metal market better than anyone. Fact is, we have the most experienced scrap metal brokerage team in the industry.

The best freight prices coming or going. We've negotiated freight rates by reviewing every competitive option, then aggregating the total volume of our customer base. We know all the best ways to save. Like coordinating inbound scrap freight with outbound shipments of finished products. Or finding savings in backhaul or round-trip rates. Clients around the globe trust our freight management expertise.

We have shipped recycled metal to destinations including the U. Our customer service is far from typical. We partner with customers on important issues such as: Negotiating freight packages Tracking in-transit inventory Establishing carrier service goals Evaluating carrier performance Making freight payments Pre-auditing freight bills Filing claims Around here, scrap metal is really going places.

In addition to operating our own advanced network of recycling facilities, we can also help you establish or improve your own recycling capabilities. DMT's services include designing, building, operating and maintaining new on-site scrap processing facilities for your company or improving your existing facility.

DMT has proven expertise and direct access to many buyers for your scrap. We market your scrap for top dollar then deliver it best commodity to trade our advanced transportation network. Our Nonferrous Metals Group deals in all scrap metal traders and brokers europe of nonferrous scrap, including aluminum, copper and stainless. We market the metals using our powerful network scrap metal traders and brokers europe facilities.

We also buy and sell a wide variety of dealer and industrial scrap, both domestically and internationally. Our commercial activities include the production, sale and scrap metal traders and brokers europe of value-added products such as re-melt specification sows, primary and secondary alloys, and deox.

Our customers include aluminum sheet and plate mills; copper, brass and steel mills; secondary alloy producers; foundries; toll convertors; extruders; stainless steel consumers; packaging firms; and automotive companies.

Using our trading expertise and proven market knowledge, we offer a variety scrap metal traders and brokers europe flexible pricing options and delivery terms. In short, we provide soup-to-nuts solutions for the nonferrous metals industry.

Ferrous Metal Our experienced brokers receive up-to-the-minute data on who is buying or selling scrap, what kind, where, and for how much. We use all our brokerage and transportation know-how to successfully move recycled metal throughout the U.

Our growing network of suppliers includes everyone from small, family-owned recyclers to large global corporations. The recycled scrap we supply to our customers is eventually melted into flat-rolled scrap metal traders and brokers europe for automobiles; rebar for roadways; structural steel beams for construction; and other iron and steel products. We bring scrap processors and steel mills together from around the globe. Our brokers partner with international suppliers of ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal, ferrous-alloys and scrap substitutes.

Our in-house staff includes experienced cargo and container administrators, financial experts and container brokers who can provide reliable service throughout every type of transaction.

And we are still expanding! The world's most talented brokers aren't all on Wall Street.

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Feccuni is one of Asia's leading suppliers of ferrous and non-ferrous products and has grown steadily and today has a strong client network throughout the world. We are an international trading company based in Singapore interested in downstream steel porcessing and distribution, with activities ranging from the collection and processing of scrap metal through of the marketing and distribution to a wide range of steel products to manufactures.

We have good network and able to source from many destinations like U. We also can supply small quantities, competitive price is our key strength. We are regular direct end buyers and importers of all types of Primary, Secondary and scrap metals for trading to all major Southeast Asian countries. Feccuni provides a competitive advantage with its customer-driven advanced technology solutions that optimizes your needs.

India is Feccuni's largest national market followed by all major Southeast Asian countries, part of Australia and South Africa and few other American and European nations. Feccuni's success has been achieved through the adoption of a collaborative, open and ethical internal culture. The company has an experienced and skilled management team and workforce whose commitment is reflected in its swift growth.

Growth and strong market positions have been achieved through sincere efforts, teamwork, time management, dedication and investments. The company also places great importance on research, quality control and product development, including sourcing technology from overseas and employing it effectively.

Today, the company stands as a major force in the steel industry and a key contributor to the Asian economy. As a company, and as individuals, we value: As our profile says we are a metal trading company, playing a major role in the society as recyclers. Now let's see how the process goes on:. Steel recycling saves a lot of energy. It is much more energy efficient to use steel scrap to make new steel than to mine the iron ore and then smelt it in a blast furnace.

It takes about 75 percent less energy to make steel from recycled materials than it does from iron ore. That's why today's steel manufacturers always use some steel scrap to make new steel products. After steel scrap is collected from homes, recycling centers or waste-to-energy plants, it is shipped to one of the companies that buy old steel-steel mills, iron and steel foundries, scrap dealers and detinners.

Steel scrap are melted in a furnace and then poured into casters that continuously roll and flatten the steel into sheets. Recycled steel can be made into new cars, girders for buildings, or new food cans. All new steel products contain at least 25 percent recycled steel with some containing nearly percent recycled steel. Steel can be recycled again and again. It does not lose any of its strength or quality in the recycling process. It can be a never-ending process that continues to save energy and resources.

Useful Links Legal Privacy. Amplify our business; set foot into various other markets than steel; become a pioneer in business world. Word as our bond. Unity, integrity and honesty Open mindedness and respectfulness. Taking on big challenges and facing them. Understanding, responsibility and excellence. Long-term relationship and not short-term gains. Passion for customers, partners and technology. Constructive self-criticism, self-improvement, and personal excellence.

Accountability to customers, shareholders, partners, and employees for commitments, results, and quality. Now let's see how the process goes on: