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Personal Investment courses may be taken individually and in any order. Each course is standalone and no prior stock trading classes vancouver is required. Register for the series and get all eight courses at a discount.

Stock Market Investment courses should be stock trading classes vancouver in order recommended. Each course will build on the topics covered in the previous course. Register for the series and get all seven courses at a discount. Real Estate Investment courses may be taken individually and in any order. Gain knowledge on the different investments available. Register for all eight courses in the series in a term and save. Learn to develop a long-term investment plan.

Find out your personal risk tolerance and invest stress-free. Learn how to secure and protect existing financial assets before acquiring new ones. Examine the global stock markets and how each market affects your personal financial well-being.

Learn how the securities industry is regulated, and how you are protected as an investor. Become a better investor by understanding the business cycle. A stock investment offers you growth, income, or a combination of stock trading classes vancouver two. Examine the many different types of stocks available to consumers, and the variety of places where they can be traded.

As a minority owner of a publicly traded corporation, an investor must know their rights as a shareholder. Bonds or fixed incomes are essential to a successful investment portfolio, and are a great investment to have when the stock market is not performing well. Find out how they are traded, and what factors affect their prices. Learn about the different types of mutual funds available and what to look for before buying. Essential mutual fund strategies will be discussed, along with the importance of understanding the fee structure for mutual funds.

Learn about Exchange Traded Funds and how they represent the investment markets in North America and stock trading classes vancouver the world. By owning an ETF, one essentially owns a group of stocks that makes up an index or a sub-index which represents the financial health of an economy. Examine the risks and rewards of investing stock trading classes vancouver an ETF, how they are traded, and what constitutes a safe Stock trading classes vancouver to buy and to hold.

Is your investment portfolio performing well? Is your financial advisor making all the money? Learn how to use forensic accounting techniques to determine the health of your investments. A stock or mutual fund statement can reveal many facts about your investments, such as the competency of your advisor and the level of risk you are stock trading classes vancouver. Bring in your statements for analysis. Revisit your personal financial plan and apply what you stock trading classes vancouver learned.

Look at RRSPs and financial projections, and how they can benefit your retirement planning. Gain an in-depth understanding of stock market investment. Register for all seven courses in the series in a term and save. Understanding stock market history will enhance your chances of being a successful investor. As stock market history repeats itself, professional traders use historical data to predict the future. Become serious about investing in the stock market by learning to understand the data in financial newpapers and websites.

Learn how to interpret charts, graphs, and financial data at the close of the trading day. Every industry has its own unique language and phrases, so learn how to talk the talk of the stock market.

Have you ever stock trading classes vancouver you could invest like a billionaire? Explore the investment techniques used by some of the worlds greatest stock market investors. They all share common traits and common goals. By mimicking stock trading classes vancouver investment philosophies, you can become successful at finding great stocks.

You may have experienced how difficult it is to buy low and sell high it sounds easy on paper, but it's harder to do in real life. Human emotions play a huge role in success or failure when one is investing in the stock market. Learn how to use market timing, contrarian investing, and market psychology to your advantage. You dont have to be a rocket scientist to be able to pick winning stocks. Selecting stocks from key sectors of the stock trading classes vancouver can result in a positive return year after year.

Use risk management principles to find great stocks with long-term growth potential and learn why boring stocks shouldnt be overlooked. Learn to leverage the growth of low risk stocks, and how share prices can appreciate with growth stock trading classes vancouver dividends.

Attain the skills to be able to discover low risk stocks that will maintain a stable performance during poor economic conditions. Making stock trading classes vancouver decisions on your own requires refined financial information, but today this information is widely available on the Internet. Learn how to collect information by maneuvering through financial and corporate websites. Through the power of information technology, financial data that was once only available to the brokerage industry is now at your fingertips.

A practical introduction to the selection and management of income-producing real estate. Students will examine sample investments on the basis of estimated net income, market value growth, deferred maintenance, routine maintenance, tenancy agreements, tenant relations, and strata versus non-strata ownership. A strong emphasis is placed on personal investment objectives. Stock trading classes vancouver you buy a residential condo unit as a rental property investment?

What are the biggest mistakes of condo investing? What are your rights and responsibilities as an owner and a landlord in a condo complex? What are your monthly and annual expenses? How do you estimate your return on investment?

This course answers these questions and more. Learn the basics of selecting and operating a commercial property investment. Students can enroll in an entire series and save. Registration for the May-August semester will begin on Wednesday, March 14th at 9: Preview May Course Schedule. Expand All Close All.

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