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In the early-morning hours of Feb. And that cost Tony Dungy his job as head coach. Coming off the field on Jan. Bucs linebacker Derrick Brooks: But until it actually happened, we were business as usual. Bucs fullback Mike Alstott: The guy that brought us all in, the guy trade fast brokering sl [we] were winning with, the guy [we] had success with, went to the playoffs with [is gone]. The thing is, the NFL is 'not for long. There is nobody untouchable in the NFL.

Us players felt guilty. We felt really, really guilty about it, not trade fast brokering sl it done for him. Raiders wide receiver Tim Brown: Raiders cornerback Charles Woodson: Nobody thought he was going anywhere. Trade fast brokering sl had come in and the mission was to get that franchise turned around and that had happened. We just thought he was having issues with negotiations like everybody else does and they'd get it worked out and we'd have our coach.

Meanwhile in Tampa, the Bucs were struggling to find a replacement for Dungy. Bill Parcells opted to stay retired. Tampa Bay general manager Rich McKay wanted Lewis, but the Glazers believed they had their defense set already with coordinator Monte Kiffin and they wanted an offense-minded head coach.

We were really in limbo for a long time not knowing what to expect and hearing different names, and all of a sudden, here comes Jon Gruden out of nowhere, overnight.

The Bucs went looking elsewhere. After talks with San Francisco 49ers head coach Steve Mariucci went nowhere, the focus turned back to Gruden. Bucs vice president Joel Glazer called Davis at his home around 10 p. The two talked for about 30 trade fast brokering sl, and the Bucs reiterated their interest in Gruden. So when the phone rang that night, I knew who it was.

We had just lost to, I think the Patriots, in the playoffs. I was still bitter about the game. I know he was still upset about the game. I figured we were gonna talk about that. I think he had given the Raiders until Thanksgiving to get something done or he was going to leave, so I think everybody knew what was going to happen except the players.

And my contract was coming up. Bucs co-chairman Bryan Glazer: Coming from Oakland, Trade fast brokering sl had huge success on the offensive side of the ball. We had an unbelievable defense, and all we were missing was that side of the football. Getting a chance to get a young coach in his prime was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and so we did what we needed to do to make it happen.

The deal was done by 3 a. Cindy Gruden, Jon's wife: So it came through, and we talked to Al Davis and the Glazers, and everybody was like, 'Are we doing this?

I guess the trade had already been agreed upon between the Raiders and the Bucs. It all happened fast. We live and die with our husbands as well. So you have all trade fast brokering sl emotions of leaving the place that you love, but going into a place that you also love. So it was an insane mix of emotions. Gruden's family lived in the Tampa Bay area.

His father, Jim, was the Bucs' running backs trade fast brokering sl from and was a regional scout and director of player personnel. I grew up with [former Bucs tight end] Jimmie Giles. I was a ball boy for the Bucs. It was so exciting to know that Jon was coming to Tampa. It was hard to get my parents to do it. It was just insane. Bucs quarterback Brad Johnson: That was my only thinking, and, 'What were his facial expressions gonna be trade fast brokering sl That was just shocking.

I was just totally just blown away that trade fast brokering sl was traded in the middle of the night. That was a first one for me [and] a first for a lot of people. I was happy for him. Initially, I gotbut I ended up ordering, I think, 2, of them. We made them go back to press.

We made the toy manufacturer make them up again. We had a little bit of a monopoly on this. My showroom looked like a murder scene [with so many people].

That Chucky thing went crazy. He's gonna have you more prepared than anybody you've ever had before. He's gonna teach you a lot of football. And he's gonna give you trade fast brokering sl chance to win at a higher level. We got the Chucky bobbleheads, a 3-foot bobblehead of Gruden. Especially those first couple of days, it was high-pace, high everything -- doing everything with much greater speed.

Bucs left tackle Roman Oben: He revamped the offense with guys who had chips on their shoulders and knew how to push our buttons to get the most out of us -- [wide receiver] Joe Jurevicius, [running back] Michael Pittman, [wide receiver] Keenan McCardell, [offensive guard] Jerry Jenkins. Bucs wide receiver Keenan McCardell: I felt like a college kid again in recruiting. I was deciding to go between Tampa and Kansas City. She wants to stay in nice, sunny Florida.

I got some people waiting for you. That was pretty cool by him. He put the big guns out there to recruit me to come there. That was a nice one for me. Gruden didn't touch the defense that Dungy and Kiffin had installed, but he challenged that defense to take it to another level. He said, 'You guys are so great, so intimidating -- everyone in the world is scared of you, so just score touchdowns. Bucs safety Dwight Smith: Score nine touchdowns then!

Then score nine touchdowns! The Bucs improved from eighth in scoring defense in to first, allowing just Bucs running back Michael Pittman: And at 5 o'clock in the morning, his car's already there. It was like, we really didn't know what time he left and what time he got in.

Coach Gruden lived and breathed football -- that's all he did. Everybody on the team respected him and the way he worked. He really was -- and breaking down defenses and being a great presenter. His presentation to the weekly game plans that he trade fast brokering sl each and every Wednesday was really magical. He could take video and put it in your playbook and show you what he wanted done between video and the different concepts that he wanted to teach us.

That happened each and every week and every day. It was pretty impressive. They were headed to the Super Bowl, and in a strange twist of fate, they would face the Raiders. I mean, we were pretty good. But I remember in the playoffs, we had made the playoffs, we had the bye week -- I was really happy we beat the 49ers -- and I see the Raiders advance.

Trade fast brokering sl was a weird feeling. It trade fast brokering sl a strange day at the office, for sure. He knew strengths, weaknesses, propensities, etc.

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