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Students of all degree programs are obliged to submit their final thesis before the final state examination. Sinceall defended theses are accessible online in the final thesis catalogue of CULS. A detailed guidebook how to choose a topic is available at the trading coach pdf cz download of choice on the homepage of UIS trading coach pdf cz download login.

The list of the topics is trading coach pdf cz download continuously until last days before the supposed date of choice. Students choose the topic accordingly to their study programme trading coach pdf cz download the academic specialization of the departments.

Furthermore, the topic should suit the specialization and specific interests of the students, a specific interest of a company might be also considered if students wish to cooperate with any.

Furthermore, a consideration of a practical application of the chosen topic can lead to increase of motivation. Equally important in the selection of the thesis topic is the choice of the thesis supervisor who will play the role of the academic expert, supervisor, guide, coordinator, coach and trading coach pdf cz download the evaluator of the thesis.

If the student is not successful at the thesis topic tender, the student can apply for another tender for a different topic, but only after the supervisor has declined your unsuccessful application electronically, in the system.

If there are no more tenders available, the student may seek the supervisor individually among the supervisors, who have accepted only few students according to the above-mentioned trading coach pdf cz download of topics. The collaboration of the student with the supervisor begins with the trading coach pdf cz download of the final thesis trading coach pdf cz download in the UIS.

It is necessary to contact the supervisor to have the assignment created. The assignment of the thesis is created in the UIS trading coach pdf cz download must be approved with an electronic signature by the head of the department to which the thesis is assigned and by the Dean of the FEM.

In order for the approval process to be forwarded to the head of the department and subsequently to the dean, it is first necessary to approve the assignment by the supervisor. The supervisor also gives the credits for the final thesis work progress. In addition to the three final thesis credits, the supervisor also gives a credit for passing an internship related to the final thesis research.

Bachelor's and master's thesis must be fulfilled according to the Rector's Directive and requirements for submitting bachelor's or master's thesis. More detailed information for the bachelor's thesis can be found in the Bachelor Thesis course.

Templates and other materials can be found on the Trading coach pdf cz download document server. The final deadline for the submission is stated in the overview of the most important deadlines given for the chosen State Final Examination.

The assignment must be electronically approved by the Dean and the Head of the Department. If the assignment is not approved by the Dean - trading coach pdf cz download to PDF will not be accessible. The student submits an electronic version of the work, and other attachments software, videos, audio recordings, etc.

After logging in the UIS, enter the Student's Portal and click on the final thesis icon picture of a book in the given field of study. First, it is necessary to upload an abstract summary and keywords on the system through Inserting additional information separately in both Czech and English only English version of the abstracts and keywords is required for theses written in English.

After that, you can upload your work in a similar way through the link Insert the thesis and the appendices. The electronic version of the final thesis in a PDF format and in this single PDF file it must contain a complete text of the trading coach pdf cz download which will be the same as the printed version of the final thesis including printed annexes.

The maximum size of the final file is 50 MB. The size of attachments files is limited to MB. The process of submitting the thesis must be confirmed by clicking on the button "Submitting Final Thesis" in section Thesis submission, then it is no longer possible to edit the files canceling the submission is possible 24 hours after the submission. The student must upload the electronic version of the thesis before it is handing in the printed version. The student is responsible for the content consistency of both versions.

If fraudulent behavior including plagiarism is detected in the subsequent control process, disciplinary proceedings with the possibility of exclusion from the study will be initiated. After submitting the electronic version of the thesis, the student must also hand in the binded printed version of the thesis to the relevant department of supervisor in two copies in the Czech language.

English study programmes in English language. To submit the printed version the student must follow the instructions and office hours of the relevant department of the supervisor of the thesis. On the right side of this page you can find the specific employees for individual departments responsible for thesis collection.

After clicking on the name of the person, you can see the number of the office to hand in the thesis, contact details and office hours. The work should be submitted within the specified deadline - any questions for submitting the final thesis can be directed to these responsible persons.

After submitting the final thesis and signing up for the Final State Examination FSEthe supervisor and the opponent prepare the final thesis assessment, which are then part of the thesis defense at the FSE.

Students will be able to see the assessment 24 hours after the supervisor and opponent submit it to the system. Czech University of Life Sciences Prague. Files for download Instructions for submitting a bachelor thesis 1-bpen. Files for download Manual for merging multiple document in a PDF format manual-for-merging-pdf.

Instructions for submitting a bachelor thesis 1-bpen. Instructions for submitting a master thesis 1-dpen. Template for bachelor thesis two-sided printing sablona-bp-pef-en-duplex. Template for bachelor thesis single-sided printing sablona-bp-pef-en. Template for master thesis two-sided printing sablona-dp-pef-en-duplex. Template for master thesis single-sided printing sablona-dp-pef-en.

Manual for merging multiple document in a PDF format manual-for-merging-pdf.

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