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I don't understand, are you implying that this "vortexz" vortex signals binary options 24 and iqoptions are in this scheme together? But for me getting rich by profiting out of someone else work, I didn't think it that way.

I honestly thought that this guy gets profits if me and his other affiliates win, and it's a win-win situation for both of us. I believe that you, the real traders are people that have spent a tremendous amount of time into research and analysis in order to become good at what you are doing, and that you dislike the people who don't know anything about the market and simply wait for signal providers.

I'm sorry if I sound somewhat offensive, I'm not, I only want to find out more about this whole phenomenon. I also read about "signalhive" and was wondering if there is a possibility that this vortexz guy is trying to do something like that. Oh, and I also have a question if you don't mind, regarding this quote. No it means vortex signals binary options 24 are signal-zombie. The guy says up you go up, he says down you go down and if you blow your account you have no idea why and you never learned anything from those losses either.

Thu Apr 5 Tokyo: December in Beginners Questions. Hello, I'm new to binary options trading and I have a week since I have affiliated to vortexz signals. I have googled "vortexz" and found this forum and threads from years ago where people mentioned him. To my knowledge he had this signal robot called "legendary winners" and "lotzofbotz" reviewed it and said that is a complete vortex signals binary options 24.

If you know more about this vortexz and his past please, I would be grateful if you could share your information with me. Have you hard about him before? December edited December Vortex signals binary options 24, tell me how the scam works. I have to prevent the other members and even call the authorities!

So, the story vortex signals binary options 24 like this: On facebook, a friend of of mine shared this "vortexz signals" community. I read the posts and I saw this guy posting his IQoptions trades and profits, where he would win and lose, and in the comments there were a lot of people with screenshots and pictures, showing their profits as well.

I did it and I got in his skype signal group. It's been a week since I'm there, and we had like 11 wins and 7 losses out of 19 calls. What is his plan? How will the scam procced? Oh, and the broker is IQptions! He's made his affiliate commission from your deposit. Now his signals, which are unreliable, will cause your account to fall or go to 0, and then you will get a call from the broker asking you to deposit more money so you can make better profits If you give them more money then you are only making it vortex signals binary options 24.

My advice is to get out now, try and make your withdrawals Vortex was a trader sending signals thru Signal Push inwho had a problem with losing his mind and just placing mass trades if he lost one, and he blew a lot of peoples accounts and I believe was banned from Signal Push for doing it a few times. Since then he has popped back up under other names to repeat the scam, ie.

Hype up service, get money, blow accounts, vanish, and then come back later and do it again. Well it seems that he is back in business. I started with him a week ago and untill this moment his mt4 plugins provided good signals.

I am a member of his skype group. I only got his mt4 since yesterday. I read about his past over here, but now he kinda seems more "cautios" than the vortexz you guys keep on describing. If a signal is fail, he stops, and returns with another one within hours, or even days. If you guys want ill keep you in touch with the progress of this new vortex signals binary options 24. Just wondering, why have you decided to join a guy with not so good reputation in the first place?

Everybody here do not share your enthusiasm about this scheme at all, but still you want to continue. I agree that broker and affiliate both will tear you down, because quite often the latest get their commission from your losses only.

Oh, and I also have a que. Please start reading trading manuals and forget bots, robots, autotraders, signal providers This is my progress so far. Some of the bets were placed by signal zombiyng the guy, some of them were out of my speculation without even reading the mt4 charts, and some of them are placed by me reading the mt4 charts. So far reading the mt4 charts has resulted successful bets, and maybe all that happened this week was "gambling luck" on my behalf.

But yes, I'm getting more and vortex signals binary options 24 attracted into the field and I want to get better. What books do you recommend? Also what is your opinion of those youtube lessons from people, do you recommend watching some video lessons, or only reading or both? Thank you for your time for responding to me guys, especially you Okane. I want at least to try, even if my results will be unsuccessful, to do the trading the right way.

Never really read or at least finished any trading books. I just spent all my time staring at charts, finding patterns and such. You can read about price action, technical analysis, finding patterns, breakouts, trends or vortex signals binary options 24 you need! Most YouTubers are promoting scams and outright nonsense unless you vortex signals binary options 24 some bad-ass Forex trader and learn price action techniques, I think there are some on YouTube too but be careful there. Not to promote myself but you can check out some of my own trading, using price action analysis.

Also check out my trading journal, in journal room. Thanks for the advice! I will definitely look into your materials! And don't worry about promoting yourself here. Any professional trader is more than welcome here, on my thread to give vortex signals binary options 24 few lessons to us, the newbies.

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