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Today the company is one of the leaders of the market and has positive reviews from traders. No doubt trading platform is the main criteria when traders choose a brokerage company. Verum Option has a very convenient, user-friendly and functional platform. Even a beginner can easily fully study it in a couple of hours!

Verum Option trading platform offers more than market assets currencies, commodities, securities, indices and 7 types of options that will suit beginners as well as professional traders:. Long Term — options with long-term expiry, suitable for traders who prefer long term strategies. J Ladder — Japanese ladder, a variety of Ladder option where the trader can set the price levels and in this way determine his profit.

Thanks to such wide variety of options every trader can find the most convenient method to make profit! Risk management is one of major skills in trading on the financial markets. Verum Option offers traders specific tools to get higher profits and minimize risks. Strategy Advisor tool automatically and in about 30 seconds analyzes the market using three technical indicators: The trader gets forecast on the price direction of the asset: For example, if you see that your operation tends to bring profit, you can double it with only a couple of clicks.

There is a section on the Verum Option website dedicated to studying binary options. Thematic articles, detailed description of market assets and types of options — all the above helps a beginner to get the hang of trading.

Lots of traders have a habit to start trading on demo account, but Verum Option has something better for you: Minimum deposit is 5 USD, and you can use this money to open 5 trading operations. It is much better than demo trading, as if you get profit, it is not virtual money, but your real funds! Cherry on top of Verum Option conditions is the service of automatic copying of trading operations Profit Follow. You can select one or several traders and automatically copy their trading operations to your trading account.

It is much easier and more convenient that just trading signals, because Profit Follow offers trades of experienced professional traders, and you can get profit with no efforts.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds is available using well-known and reliable payment systems QIWI, Yandex. Money, WebMoney, and bank transfer. Verum Option charges no additional commissions but for commissions of the payment systems. Deposit and withdrawal of funds take minimum time. Verum Option has three awards in the field: Verum Option is an innovative and reliable brokerage company that is proud to be one of the leaders of the binary options market.

The company offers excellent conditions of trading and allows to make profit fast and easy - Verum Option reviews absolutely prove it. Theres no my broker in the rating. I dont know these brokers. But I want to recommend you my broker. My first broker was so to say my experience. To stop to trust everyone. Then I checked so many brokers its hard to imagine, and decided to try Vospari broker.

Have been working with Vospari for a year already. Withdraw funds with no problems. The platform is fine, no delays. I like their social trading. Not every broker has it. I love it and recommend the broker. Here have the link. That was my problem. But what do you think they said to me? Changing of quotes is obvious, only those earn money who bring them fresh "meat" You can request admins all the screenshots on the issue.

I trade at verum option through mobile platform. Have been trading for 2 months only, but I already have some progress. I mastered the two indicators strat. You only need to choose the right time for trading world leader in binary option review stick to risk management.

I trade 3 weeks in a row with profit. The broker is fine, like any reputable top not to be confused with well-advertised. Good orders execution, the money is withdrawn. I can also recommend Bank de Binary and Alpari. The rigth broker for people. I had some success right after I understood it. Verum is on the top level. I did not-so-good at first, but later I sorted things out, studied 2 strategies, martingale and lines.

Verum option really pleases me. Everything works just right, world leader in binary option review is perfect, and customer care ladies are always ready to assist. Respect and my recommendations. I trade with profit, I like the world leader in binary option review, all trades are executed correctly. The platform is usable. I traded at several companies, and I liked that one the most. All operations are done quickly, and the broker has a good name.

I recommend it to those who have problems with other brokers, and to everyone else! The safety of the system is also proved by numerous reviews on verum option. A month ago I changed third broker, I even had premature closings!!! I registered at VerumOption,and everything is sehr world leader in binary option review. Anyone who has problems with world leader in binary option review broker, try VerumOption, and you will see the difference. Im telling only about binary options, never tried their forex trading.

I chose binary options at verum because it combines everything needed: I like their website with user-friendly interface. They allow to trade normally. Rating of brokers What are binary options? How world leader in binary option review choose a binary options broker Reviews Contact data.

Brief info about the broker Name of the company: Verum Option Minimum deposit: Currency pairs, Securities, Stock indices, Commodities. Deposit and withdrawal methods: Verum Option Trading Conditions: Types of Options at Verum Option Verum Option trading platform offers world leader in binary option review than market assets currencies, commodities, securities, indices and 7 types of options that will suit beginners as well as professional traders: Pairs — options on two market assets.

Ladder — ladder option where the price must successively pass several levels. Money-Management Tools at Verum Option Risk management is one of major skills in trading on the financial markets. Easy Start There is a section on the Verum Option website dedicated to studying binary options. Awards of Verum Option Verum Option has three awards in the field: Verum Option in social networks: I am quite satisfied with this broker.

At least, with this broker, I am fully confident that my earnings will be withdrawn, and to work with this broker was very Well is not a bad company, as it turned out. Profit world leader in binary option review I was really pleased, and the work was easy on this Broker was pretty good.

In principle, the results I'm quite happy with the money they brought without a problem. In my opinion, there are all conditions for Brief info about the broker.

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Is binary options a legitimate industry being tarnished with the brush of a few unethical actors or, is there a bigger, underlying problem in the industry as a whole? With so much misinformation out there, we wanted to understand what is really happening. Binary options fraud is becoming an all too familiar story — a quick Google search of binary options fraud will show you story after story of people who have been victims of what seems like an elaborate and deceptive scam.

I personally was aware of some unethical practices, as in all industries, however, doing research for this article opened my eyes to the size and scale of the problem. This is a staggering number. So, if the problem really is so big, how come very little action has so far been taken to tackle this at least partly corrupt industry?

The short answer is that it is very hard to find, and then locate the owners and individuals of unregulated binary options companies. Usually the most unscrupulous of actors will have international corporate structures specifically designed to obfuscate true ownership , and more importantly, make it challenging to any law enforcement agency, national or international to bring them to justice.

If you manage to navigate through the web of offshore companies and find the real owner, there is no current international law that will bring them to justice.

What is needed is strong national laws in the countries where they operate, and a diligent legal approach. The location of this showdown between legal authorities and the unregulated binary options companies appears to currently be taking place in Israel. Israel, perhaps the tech capital of the world after Silicon Valley, has been at the forefront of this current wave of anti-binary options news and updates that seem to be surfacing.

Not only is Israel an international hub for some of the biggest tech companies in the world, but Israel is also a leader in influencing how we navigate the internet generally. All online business, including binary options, rely heavily on being accessible and easy to find.

Search Engine Optimization SEO is the key factor that affects this and it is critical to any online business in It is this combination between the companies with questionable ethics and SEO companies with incredible influence that has created the situation we are currently in.

There is nothing necessarily sinister in this methodology, every online company in the world will do some sort of SEO. What makes it dangerous to the average consumer is the combination of unethical company practices with an effective SEO strategy. Theoretically, if your SEO is good enough, you can make any page you desire appear where you want. This phenomenon came to its height with the now defunct binary options company Banc de Binary.

You see, once you become an online business, you are susceptible to feedback and bad reviews. Most companies will embrace this level of feedback and exposure as a way of highlighting just how good a company they are. However, when your business model is built on the notion of deceiving your clients, this feedback loop needs to be stopped or altered. Check out the Wikipedia Edit Wars to see the lengths that were taken to try and minimize the bad reviews and optimize the fake positive usually done in-house reviews.

Israel is also the place where action is being taken to bring down these unregulated platforms and traders, and return the money to those who have been defrauded. Spearheaded and assisted by intelligence gathering agency, Wealth Recovery International , lawyers in Israel are taking on cases to retrieve the money that was defrauded from the victims of binary options fraud. Doing research for this article I was fortunate to speak to many people in the binary options industry and if what they told me is anything to go by, we should be expecting a lot more lawsuits of this kind in the near future.

The industry as a whole seems shook with the amount of exposure and future potential lawsuits. While there is nothing intrinsically fraudulent about binary options, the industry has become synonymous with years of greed, corruption and unethical practices.

Without a centralized and independent regulator, we urge you to be careful before dealing with any binary options company. Our advice is; like any other investment, do your due diligence before giving any of your money to anyone.

When it comes to binary options fraud, here are a few tips to look out for to make sure you are not giving your money to an unregulated company. The first thing to check is the regulation. The companies that are regulated will be happy and proud to show you their credentials. You should be provided with relevant links and documents that prove, beyond doubt, the legitimacy of the organization you are speaking with.

Due to the sophistication of binary options fraud, we would recommend checking this yourself regardless of how comfortable you feel — if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you are in the U. The binary options fraud industry is one that was built on SEO savvy principles with the purpose of making the said trading platform look legitimate. These affiliates and unscrupulous media companies go to great lengths in order to make it look like the product that they are promoting is legitimate.

A few bad apples or an industry rotten to the core?